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Reading Time: 3 minutes VMware has announced the End of Availability (“EoA”) of all versions of vSphere Enterprise, vSphere with Operations Management Standard and vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise. The EoA effective date is June 30, 2016. After these dates, you will only be able to purchase these products on an exception basis VMware has also announced price changes for vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus from $4,245 per CPU to $4,395 per CPU, and VMware vCenter Server™ Standard from $4,995 per instance to $5,995 per instance (referenced pricing represents suggested MSRP for the U.S., in USD; regional prices […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Infinit has launched its second product, a decentralized file storage platform, making it possible for IT managers to aggregate storage resources across on-premise servers and the cloud into a flexible, secure, fault-tolerant and scalable file system. Infinit’s goal is to disrupt legacy storage solutionsusing a software-defined solution that makes the product entirely hardware agnostic, with the potential to reduce the total cost of ownership for a storage system, but also drastically reduces the setup time and complexity associated with adopting a custom storage solution.

Reading Time: 3 minutes On February 16th 2016, EMC has launched a new product: VxRail. It’s a fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliancebased on VMware’s vSphere and Virtual SAN, and EMC software. VxRail delivers an all-in-one IT infrastructure transformation by leveraging a known and proven building block for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). But more important is not only an EMC product: it cames from the VCE that is an alliance with EMC, VMware and Cisco. So it’s mainly an EMC and VMware new product.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Caringo is a storage related company founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by designing software from the ground up to solve the issues associated with data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. Founders background on object storage were really solid, considering that they were involved in the EMC Centera project and their solution (Swarm) is quite interesting with some unique capabilities.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Network Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX-NV) certification was something different compare to other “advanced” level certifications in other VMware paths: only a lab based exam (the deploy, configuration and manage part) and you have done! Other VCIX paths require both the admin (now simple called deploy, but it’s not only deploy related) and the design exam, and recently both intermediate exam has been called again VCAP exam (see this post).

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some months ago Cohesity announced the public launch of the Cohesity Data Platform, a product designed to consolidate all secondary storage use cases on a unified environment that helps organizations control growing data demands. Now they are announcing the new v2.0 of their product that expands enterprise features such as SMB protocol support, cloud archive, Site-to-Site replication and hardware-accelerated, 256-bit encryption. The Cohesity Data Platform combines a web-scale storage architecture with standards-based hardware components that enable companies to transition from today’s expensive silos for different data use cases to a simple, pay-as-you grow solution for data management. […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes VMware is unveiling the new VMware vCloud Suite 7 and vRealize Suite 7 that define the entire Cloud Management Platform (CMP). VMware delivers an Enterprise-ready cloud management platform (CMP) that supports two IT Outcomes.  The CMP speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT efficiency, and optimizes IT operations and capital spending. In this new release, VMware is further enhancing the cloud management platform to better support specific use cases our customers are addressing in their cloud management journeys.

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