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Diablo’s Memory1 is something unique: is a flash not only connected as a RAM DIMM, but that apper as a RAM DIMM!

Now Diablo Technologies has announced the availability of Memory1™ servers from Super Micro Computer, a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies. The SYS-1028U-TR4T+ has been qualified for both 1TB and 2TB Memory1 configurations – unleashing the power of “Big Memory for Big Data”.

By leveraging Diablo’s Memory1 technology, Supermicro servers can provide up to 40TBs of system memory in a single full-sized rack, with no changes to hardware or applications. The Supermicro Memory1 solution is designed for large-scale enterprise and data center customers looking to improve workload performance, and cost-effectively scale-out to support a wide variety of memory-intensive applications.

Memory1 provides up to 128GB of application memory per module using economical and low-power NAND-Flash. To learn more about Memory1 see this link..


“Obtaining Supermicro server qualification is a significant achievement for Diablo,” said Mark Stibitz, Chief Executive Officer of Diablo Technologies. “Support for Memory1 in Supermicro servers allows us to address a broad portion of the global enterprise and cloud data center market, and represents a new milestone in the expansion of the Memory1 ecosystem.”

Diablo worked alongside Supermicro to achieve seamless integration between the two products. With Supermicro’s support, customers can deploy Memory1 servers with the confidence of knowing that they have a robust, industry-leading solution. The Supermicro SYS-1028U-TR4T+ is designed for the highest processing power and features the latest generation of the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 family. The result is a class of high-performance servers for large-scale customers running analytics, database and caching applications. Memory1 systems are now available to Supermicro customers worldwide and can be ordered by contacting [email protected].

For more information see the Supermicro Memory1 solution guide.