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There is a big new in data protection and business continuity market: StorageCraft Technology Corporation and Exablox Corporation joined forces to completely focus on helping businesses analyse, protect, and store their data. The new entity is the first company to bring together a new approach that recognizes the disappearing lines between primary and secondary storage as well as between data availability and data protection.

A new big player will appear and will be interesting see how it will be positioned compared to other products and considering existing OEM and Technological partnership from both companies.

The two companies are almost dual, considering that Exablox is most on the physical appliance side (let’s say that coud be the target for backup and long term archiving) and StorageCraft it’s most on the software part.

From the release press, this acquisition provides the current and future customers of the combined company with a complete and competitive family of enterprise products for analyzing, protecting, and storing information, including:

  • Data Analytics – provides an intelligent, tiered data architecture that enables the identification and prioritization of critical data for protection and performance. It also identifies gaps in endpoint protection.
  • Data Protection – implements data protection policies that offer the industry’s best and most reliable recovery mechanisms. Frequent backups and efficiently-located mission-critical data minimize recovery time and maximize uptime.
  • Data Storage – delivers the ability to store all tiers of data with infinite scalability. The object-based storage appliance solves businesses’ common storage pain points of complex installation, cumbersome management, limited capacity and forklift upgrades.

Will be interesting see if the new player will compete directly with new players like Rubrik and Cohesity (but the scale-out approach cannot yet be the same) or will try to increase the existing partnership and maybe build something for specific markets or segments.

For sure from both companies there is a lot of expertise and lot of engineers that can help to integrate the products and the solutions and realize something amazing.

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