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Reading Time: 2 minutes Red Hat has announced that it has acquired the assets and technology of Permabit Technology Corporation, a provider of software for data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning. With the addition of Permabit’s data deduplication and compression capabilities to the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat will be able to better enable enterprise digital transformation through more efficient storage options.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Six months ago I wrote a post on some possible replacement for PernixData FVP because in August 2016 Nutanix acquire PernixData without give a clear message of the future of this product. Since acquisition, they’ve continued to maintain support for the “legacy” Architect and FVP products, as also they leave the possibility to extend the products base, leaving the acquisition of new licenses, but only to existing customents. I’ve go the promise that the product was update to support vSphere 6.5 (actually the maximum supported vSphere version is 6.0u3 (2148155)) and I’ve wrote some clarifications on […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the past months there was no new news from Atlantis Computing and last press release is from October 2016! Not good signs at all from a technology company. Also recentrly the Slack channel for ACEs has been closed without any notice and some people are starting left the company. All seems related to this acquisition: Hive-IO has bought certain assets of Atlantis Computing, a struggling supplier of VDI and hyperconverged infrastructure software, for undisclosed financial terms.

Reading Time: 4 minutes One year ago there were some rumors and doubts about the future of Workstation and Fusion product, due to the laying off some employees. from the related teams. But Workstation 12 has got some updates and also a 12.5 version. And now there is also a new VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2017 release! That’s a good message and sign for a product that it’s really useful on the client part and can be a good companion of the vSphere suite (on the server and host part).

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scale Computing is an alternative hyperconverged solution that cover the entire stack: from the hardware, to the hypervisor and storage, to the management part. Their HC3 platform is an hyperconverged solution that can be used for small- and medium-sized businesses but also in some enterprise departments with a simple (and different) approach to virtualization and storage. Their appliances was sized to a have good compromize between computing and storage resource, but also to permit a good scalability in the datacenter. For this reason thei were all 1U size, but for this reason limited in the maximum […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes WekaIO is a new startup (just emerged from stealth mode) with the goal to improves IT agility by delivering software-centric data storage solutions that unlock the true promise of the cloud. WekaIO has its headquarters located in San Jose, California, but the most of its engineers are in Tel Aviv, Israel. WekaIO Matrix software is ideally suited for performance intensive workloads such as Web 2.0 application serving, financial modeling, life sciences research, media rendering, Big Data analytics, log management and government or university research.

Reading Time: 2 minutes How many VCP or VCAP people there are in the world and how many for each country? This is a not simple question, because of the lack of an official list of names. The only list that is keep updated is the VCDX directory, but you will not found something similar for other VMware’s certifications. At the beginning of VCAP exams, there was a unique serial ID, so was easy guess those number for VCAP (and potentially also for VCP, because there was also a unique sequential ID for all VCPs).

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