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Scality it’s well know by its product Scality RING, used for large scale data storage designed usually for private cloud, with and impressive uptime (see Scality guarantees 100 percent uptime for private cloud storage environments).

But Scality has also other interesing products, for example Zenko, a free open source multi-cloud controller allows you to stay in control of your data across any cloud.

Zenko has been launched on July 2017 to provides a unified interface based on a proven implementation of the Amazon S3 API across clouds. This allows any cloud to be addressed with the same API and access layer, while storing information in their respective native format. For example, any Amazon S3-compliant application can now support Azure Blob Storage without any application modification. Scality’s vision for Zenko is to add data management controls to protect vital business assets, and metadata search to quickly subset large datasets based on simple business descriptors.

The core of Zenko, Scality S3 Server is now Zenko CloudServer, a key component of Scality’s open-source multi-cloud data controller. With Zenko CloudServer, developers gain a single unifying API and access layer for data wherever it’s stored: on-premises or in the public cloud with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and many others (Google Cloud Storage coming soon).  Zenko CloudServer enables on-premises Amazon S3-based application development and data deployment choice, providing a single Amazon S3 API set and 360° access to any cloud.

“We believe that everyone should be in control of their data.” “Our vision for Zenko is simple—bring control and freedom to the developer to unleash a new generation of multi-cloud applications. We welcome anyone who wants to participate and contribute to this vision.” Giorgio Regni, Scality CTO

And in this year, Zenko has been improved to gain more features and interoperatility.

On April 2018, there was the integration of Wasabi hot cloud storage into Scality’s Zenko multi-cloud data controller, along with a new marketing and technology partnership. As the newest back-end cloud storage service supported in Zenko, Wasabi extends the use cases for Zenko to applications that require fast and ultra low-cost cloud storage services, including nearline archival storage for post-production workflows in media and entertainment.

Wasabi chose to work with Scality for its data management and mobility capabilities across private clouds and other public cloud storage services with the Wasabi cloud. The Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller is available through GitHub as free open source software under an Apache 2.0 license. Zenko can simplify data replication from on-premises object and file storage repositories such as the Scality RING, and from the three major public cloud services to the Wasabi cloud, enabling protection of on-premises data to the Wasabi cloud for archival or disaster recovery (D/R) purposes. Zenko stores data in the Wasabi cloud through its native S3-compatible API, so that the data stored can be accessed from any S3 application, such as third-party ISV Media Managers, Backup and archival applications.

On Jult 2018, ownCloud has tested and certified Scality’s Zenko CloudServer for use with ownCloud. An Amazon S3-compatible object storage server that lets you build and integrate apps faster and store data anywhere, Zenko CloudServer compatibility with ownCloud Server means that Scality RING Software-Defined Storage, and other applications that use the Zenko CloudServer API, can serve as certified storage back-ends for ownCloud.