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On April was released Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 and now it’s the turn of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.1  the next leap forward for the leading container platform in the industry and the only one designed for both Windows and Linux apps.

With Docker Enterprise 2.1, is possible improve Windows Server application migration program, organizations get the best platform for securing and modernizing Windows Server applications, while building the foundation for continuous innovation across any application, delivered anywhere.

The new features that Docker Enterprise 2.1 deliver are:

    • Increased performance & compatibility for Windows Apps
    • Greater insights and serviceability with new out-of-the-box dashboards
    • Enhanced security & compliance

What are the difference between Docker EE (Enterprise Edition) and Docker CE (Community Edition)?

Basically, Docker CE is the simple classical OSS Docker Engine, is free and open source. Docker EE is Docker CE with certification on some systems and support by Docker Inc.

Docker EE provides organizations with unparalleled choice – from orchestration (Kubernetes and Swarm) to applications (legacy or cloud native) to infrastructure (cloud or on premises) – enabling IT leaders to advance their digital and cloud initiatives with the flexibility needed to make adjustments as business requirements evolve.

Some of the Docker EE benefits are:

  • Run certified Docker images and plugins
  • Leverage Docker Datacenter with various levels of options
  • Receive vulnerability scan results on your Docker images
  • Get official same day support from Docker