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Docker has announced Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0, the enterprise-ready container platform to manage and secure applications on Kubernetes in multi-Linux, multi-OS and multi-cloud customer environments.

Docker EE provides organizations with unparalleled choice – from orchestration (Kubernetes and Swarm) to applications (legacy or cloud native) to infrastructure (cloud or on premises) – enabling IT leaders to advance their digital and cloud initiatives with the flexibility needed to make adjustments as business requirements evolve.

As part of Docker EE 2.0, organizations have these capabilities:

  • Multi-OS Support: Availability across certified infrastructure platforms, including multiple Linux distributions (SLES, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux) and Windows Server.
  • Multi-Cloud: Organizations are not locked into an underlying infrastructure and get the greatest flexibility in hybrid cloud deployments across all major clouds including AWS and Azure.
  • Orchestration Choice: Docker EE is the only platform that runs both Swarm and Kubernetes simultaneously on the same cluster – so developers do not need to make an orchestration choice. Operations teams have the flexibility to choose orchestrators interchangeably.
  • Networking: Consistent with Docker’s “batteries included but swappable” model, Docker EE offers integrated secure networking through Project Calico by and in collaboration with Tigera, Docker’s integration partner for Calico. With this CNI integration, organizations get a fully-supported Kubernetes solution with Project Calico built-in – the only one that works uniformly across the leading Linux OSes and the major cloud providers. Companies with networking plugins that are certified or being certified on Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 include: Cisco Contiv, Infoblox and Weaveworks.
  • Storage: Companies with volume plugins that are certified or being certified on Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 include: Blockbridge, Dell EMC, Hedvig, HPE/Nimble, NetApp, Nexenta, Portworx, Pure Storage, StorageOS, Veritas, Virtuozzo.

But what are the difference between Docker EE (Enterprise Edition) and Docker CE (Community Edition)?

Basically, Docker CE is the simple classical OSS Docker Engine, is free and open source. Docker EE is Docker CE with certification on some systems and support by Docker Inc.

A few Docker Enterprise Edition benefits are:

  • Run certified Docker images and plugins
  • Leverage Docker Datacenter with various levels of options
  • Receive vulnerability scan results on your Docker images
  • Get official same day support from Docker