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Reading Time: 3 minutes Many people probably remember Violin Memory and it’s products, probably one of the first in the All Flash Array (AFA) field. Founded in 2005 as Violin Technologies by Donpaul Stephens and Jon Bennett. I’ve talk about them several times (see for example this 2012 post: Powering the cloud report – Violin Memory), because they got interesting technologies. But when they enter in the stock exchange, the journey wasn’t lucky enough: On December 14, 2016 Violin Memory filed for Chapter 11 Federal Bankruptcy protection.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are almost fixed, there is a new critical vulnerability for several Intel CPU called BranchScope, discovered by some researchers from four universities. It’s again a speculative execution issue, in the method a processor uses to predict where its current computational task. By exploiting this flaw, attackers with local access could pull data stored from memory that’s otherwise inaccessible to all applications and users.

Reading Time: 2 minutes One year ago, VMware has started the bifurcation of VMware Tools for Legacy and Current Guests using of two separate delivery vehicles: VMware Tools 10.1 is available for OEM-supported guest OSs only VMware Tools 10.0.12 was for the guests OS that have fallen out of support by their respective vendors are offered “frozen”. VMware Tools 10.2 branch is the new evolution of 10.1 versions, and now it’s arrived at version 10.2.5! This version is only for supported OSes, VMware Tools ISO images are frozen for some end of life guest operating systems.

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware has acquired the technology and team of E8 Security. With this acquisition, VMware is further reinforcing its commitment to deliver the industry’s first intelligence-driven digital workspace to empower the employee experience and drive predictive security. Adding E8 Security’s capabilities to VMware’s digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE, will enable customers to get a single platform approach that simplifies management and security by correlating data to accurately detect and respond to advanced threats using analytics.

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that enables you to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. VMware is pushing on this service and its offer, and few weeks ago has actived the first “European” region in UK.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nimbus Data Systems, was a storage flash company founded on 2006 with their own flash devices with some intesting products (see for example Nimbus Data – High-performance storage). After some years of shadows (The “latest news” on the front page of the Nimbus web site is a press release dated June, 2014), now the company it’s back again (with just the name Nimbus Data, but the same logo and the same CEO).

Reading Time: < 1 minute Feedspot, the content reader for reading all your favorite blogs and news websites in one place, has defined a list of the best sysadmin blogs from thousands of top sysadmin blogs in their index using search and social metrics. This blog site is rated 11!

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