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The Dell Compellent storage is an interesting solution and, before the EMC acquisition, was the main storage product in Dell portfolio.

Veeam Backup and Replication offers different type of primary storage integration to improve and offload the backup process using storage snapshots (and limiting VMware snapshots only for the time needed to take a storage snapshot).

Veeam storage snapshots integration

Until now, the only DellEMC storage that has Veeam storage snapshot integration was the VNX/Unity product (from EMC).

But there are some interesting news if you read the SCOS 7.4 release notes: Storage Center 7.4 contains support for snapshot integration with Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5.

This is a good news considering the the following storage systems are compatible with Storage Center 7.4:

  • SC9000
  • SC8000
  • SC7020F / SC7020
  • SC5020F / SC5020
  • SC4020
  • SCv3000 Series
  • SCv2000 Series

Almost all Compellent products in the last 5 years!

Unfortunately the SCOS 7.4 version is not yet mainstream (see the Targeted Storage Center OS Version By System Type).

But also tThe Veeam Backup and Replication Plug-in for Storage Center is not yet available for download from the Veeam website.

The plug-in does not support the following Storage Center objects:

  • FluidFS volumes: this is obvious considering that FuidFS is the NAS part… maybe will be more interesting see if the NDMP support will work.
  • Live Volumes: that’s a pity because they are used in several cases.
  • VVols: this is reasonable considering that you cannot (yet) manage VVols and SAN transport mode.

Note that you all will need Storage Manager 2019 R1 (already available) or later is required to manage storage systems running Storage Center 7.4.

See also this thread on Veeam Community.