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Commvault has signed an agreement to acquire Hedvig, for total consideration of $225 million, which includes the purchase price and ongoing employee retention.

Commvault was formed in 1988 as a development group within Bell Labs, and later designated as a strategic business unit of AT&T Network Systems. In 1996, it was incorporated as an independent company. 

Their main product is focused on backup and data protection (and not only).

Hedvig is a software defined storage (SDS) company that I’ve met during Data Field Day 1 with an interesting solution.

Sound strange that a “backup company” acquire a “storage company” but there can be some reasons.

First, storage world is really too much fragmented: too much companies and start-up, but also too much products (also in the same company) with similar features. The result is a contraction in the number of those companies with several acquisitions and some fault.

Second, the “backup” world is growing and assuming more and more importance, due to the security, compliance, regulamentation aspects. But also because customers are investing in this area and the vendors are growing. And there are so much vendors like in the storage world.

Third, the backup has become only one aspect… data protection, data availability, instant recoverability, cloud scalability, meeting SLAs and other aspects are becoming common in those product.

The merge between Commvault and Hedvig teams can bring an unification of storage and data management.

This move to cloud and multi cloud environments, together with cloud native applications is driving competitive advantage for companies of all sizes; yet the acceleration of data fragmentation is negatively impacting business outcomes. This rapid data growth, generated from a variety of sources stored both within on-premises environments and in the cloud will continue to create significant governance, security and management challenges.

Will be interesting see if Commvault will use Hedvig to improve its Commvault HyperScale product and trying to compete with solutions like Rubrik or Cohesity.