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The Connection Server is the main component of a VMware Horizon infrastructure.

But usually for a redoundancy and performance prospective more than one are suggested and they replicates their data using the Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Service (AD LDS) and connections the servers must be managed by and external load balancer.

The upgrade process of the Connection Servers is usually easy… upgrade one by one.

But if, during this phase, one connection server is not reacheable you cannot procede because is not possible validate the versions and the replication between the servers

But you can have an issue the will block you upgrade also in another case… the error message will be something like this:

And the upgrade stops on the first connection server.

This problem can happen if you have dismiss (in a wrong way) a connection server that was the master node for the LDAP replica of AD LDS.

Connection Server installation or upgrade errors can occur when the schema master node is not available or is removed from the LDAP cluster.

The schema master node is deleted when a Connection Server instance is removed using the vdmadmin -S command without a clean uninstallation of LDAP instances.

To promote the current Connection Server as the schema master node on the cluster for a local LDAP instance, you can use the following command:

vdmadmin -X -seizeSchemaMaster

To promote the current node the schema master node on the cluster for a global LDAP instance in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, enter the following command:

vdmadmin -X -seizeSchemaMaster -global

For more information see the VMware Horizon Guide.