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Veeam announced two new offerings which combine the confidence and reliability of Veeam’s backup and restore capabilities with the ease-of-use of Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS).

The news is that those two offers are not delivered through cloud partners, but directly as a Veeam’s portfolio service called Cirrus by Veeam.

Cirrus by Veeam was acquired from CT4, an Australian company who developed the cloud-native service utilizing Veeam’s industry-leading data backup and ransomware recovery platform.

In this way Veeam become a competitor of some Veeam Service Provider partners that also offer BaaS for Azure and Microsoft 365. Not necessary a smart move.

But to be fair, most of the Veeam Service Provider are focused on BaaS and DRaaS for (virtual and physical) workloads… so have more options could be better for the users.

And, maybe, Veeam could share part of this knowledge with their partner to help them in improving also their services.

And Service Provider partners can still provide services on top of Veeam proposals, like managed service.

More detail about the two services:

Cirrus for Microsoft 365

Cirrus for Microsoft 365 builds on the industry’s leading Microsoft 365 backup solution – Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 – and delivers it as a service. It simplifies a customer’s backup strategy with software, infrastructure, and unlimited storage in an all-in-one cloud service, allowing organizations to leverage powerful data protection and security technology with a simple, seamless user experience.

  • Trusted, reliable technology: Customizable backup, flexible recovery options and powerful search capabilities.
  • All-inclusive backup service: Simplifies Microsoft 365 backup by providing everything a customer needs, bundled together at one price.
  • Modern, secure and intuitive: Keeps business-critical data protected with built-in immutability; no software to download or infrastructure to maintain.

Cirrus for Microsoft Azure

Data on Microsoft Azure is exposed to the same cyber threats and data loss as anywhere else, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to protect it. Cirrus for Microsoft Azure is a fully hosted and pre-configured solution that delivers proven, resilient backup and recovery.

  • Quick ROI: Speed time to value by removing blockers like implementation, patching and remediating misconfigurations.
  • Enterprise-readiness: Leverage backup, security and FinOps best practices in a service built for Azure Well-Architected Framework.
  • Confident recoverability: Comprehensive, native protection with the most customizable RPOs and recovery to any location.

Cirrus by Veeam is available now via the Azure Marketplace and all existing Veeam and Cirrus distribution channels, and will soon be expanded to Veeam’s additional routes-to-market. The new, fully integrated Veeam BaaS offerings will be released in early 2024.

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