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FUJIFILM Kangaroo is a customisable turn-key ready solution with all components pre-installed and all in one location: your premises. Everything you need to archive your (cold) data for the long-term.

It includes all the hardware, software and tapes, pre-installed in a single custom box, or “naked” to be installed in your existing rack.

The essential elements are the Tape Library with its LTO tapes and the Linux based Server (that include FUJIFILM Object Archive Software).

Optional components are the UPS, monitor and keyboard.

FUJIFILM Object Archive software connects with your preferred data source or receives the data via an application using common standard protocols like SMB, NFS or S3. Then it transfer and manage the data directly to tape to store on your premises.

Some key features are focused on:

  • Security: all security advantages from LTO-Tape Technology like higher data integrity, longevity of 30 years plus, reduced vulnerability to hackers and cyber-attacks due to the air-gap
  • Managebility: future-proof advantages from FUJIFILM Object Archive software with self-healing system architecture
  • Open: Self-describing system with no vendor lock-in and compatible with various disk and tape systems
  • Sustainable: tape based system is an eco-friendly choice for data archiving and have educed energy costs, CO2-emissions and electronic waste
  • Simplicity: ready to go and tailor made for the customer and plug and play due to the hardware, software and tape media pre-installed

There are different FUJIFILM Kangaroo models with a 1PB+ storage capacity, but soon there will be also a “lite” version starting with 100 TB storage capacity… very interesting for medium business.