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FUJIFILM Object Archive enables the interaction of the rapidly growing amount of data with tape storage systems, creating a sustainable and an air-gapped secure data archiving strategy. 

FUJIFILM Object Archive software is a data management software that can also perform storage system management made specifically for long-term data preservation and data protection. It addresses the increasing needs for a sustainable storage tier for infrequently accessed cold data residing on flash or disk-based storage plaƞorms and reduces overall storage costs.

This software can also be used to increase data protection by moving data to tape which can be taken off-line and offsite, for complete, air gapped protection against malware threats or any type of disaster.

The FUJIFILM Object Archive software module is designed to run and be compatible with Alma-Linux. As the system will be delivered as a virtual machine or a physical server automatic installation image (also called bare-metal system automatic installation image).

What make this solution very interesting is the Open Format: the Archive Tape Format is an open tape format developed by FUJIFILM, which optimizes the writing speed and data security tape. But is based on the standard tar format, so you can restore from the tapes also without the FIJIFILM software… this means no vendor lock-in.

The solution is also “open” in term of hardware options: a wide range of tape libraries with LTO and 3592 drives are available. Libraries can be used without adding any software.

Another important feature for long-term retention is the ability to manage the technology refresh and tape generation migration. Is possible to automatically runs tape migration in the background. It reduces the maintenance work involved in the long-term data management.