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Mike Laverick has started something of a petition to bring back the VMTN Subscription option:

I would like to see VMware re-instate the “VMTN Subscription”. You might ask, what the hell is that? That would be fair enough because it was withdrawn many years ago, and never re-instated by VMware.

The VMTN Subscription was similar to Microsoft MSDN or TechNet – where for relatively small yearly fee you could download the core enterprise software and run it for 1year. Right now there is whole legion of home-labbers out there that have to make do and mend with evaluations that expire after 60-days. Of course this is a non problem for people working for VMware Partner, due to the NFR license, but what about other people? The VMTN Subscription program was cancelled in 2007 and never re-instated.

The announcement of the VMware Labs going public in 2012 is a step in the right direction, as also some existing benefit for vExper people (some beta program, for example).

IMHO, a new version of VMTN Subscription that include all products, early access at beta or RTM (already present in Microsoft and other similar programs), some labs and some useful material and course (for example the courses included in Partner University) could be a good and valuable solution.

But I prefer that this “package” will also a free benefit for some program where people has spend time or money or simple where they deserve it… for example for vExpert people, VMUG Advantage package, VCAP or VCDX certified, …

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