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Backup Academy, the free educational community resource for VM backup professionals, has now one year of history. In this year has delivered several courses and whitepapers (one also from me). And several people (more than 700 professionist) have obtained a certification vendor independent on backup aspects. So what will be the future of this community? Seems that the anniversary will like a matter of refreshing news about Backup Academy!

Some interesting information about its possible future are on the celebration post:

Backup Academy is meant to give you the extra resources you need to get started in that virtualization and data protection journey. We’ve had the content live for just over one year, and we are now planning additional content as the technology landscape changes. The fact is, once you learn a virtualization technology; you’ve effectively committed to learning it again and again and again!

The extension to virtualization could be interesting, considering the backup require some knowledge on virtualization (and also guest OS, applications, storage, networking, …). Actually there are already some high level courses and certifications vendor oriented. One certification on virtualization that will be vendor independent, and maybe like an entry level (Associated level?) could be interesting. But maybe the Backup Academy name must be changed :) or added a new site (Virtualization Academy?).

And which other aspects could be considered? I think that some matches between backups, replications and business continuity plan could also be interesting. But other ideas are possible!

You can propose other suggestions interactively on Twitter @BckpAcademy as well the Backup Academy feedback page.