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Dell Fluid Cache for SAN is a complete, flexible enterprise application acceleration solution (announced during the past Dell Enterprise Forum) producing stable, unprecedented I/O performance which can help businesses and  organizations reduce online transactional latency, allow increased concurrent users, and improve computational performance for applications such as online transactional purchasing (OLTP) and virtual desktop interface (VDI).

Mainly is a host-side cache (that can work both as a read and a write cache) but completly build around Dell products and Dell software and could be used both for VMware vSphere (5.5) environment or also for Linux systems.

The overall architecture is quite interesting bacause is using both the cache on host side and also the cache (or the tiers) on the storage side. Dell Fluid Cache for SAN use a scale-out caching solution that leverege on an ultra-high speed caching pool with a low latency provate cache network:


A complete solution can be deployed with little to no disruption to existing IT environments and require a minimum of three compatible Dell PowerEdge Servers supporting Dell Express Flash PCIe SSD drives a connection to a 10/40 GbE low latency private network and connection to a Dell Compellent SC 8000 controller and Compellent SC 220 expansion storage – either rotating media, hybrid, or an all flash array.


So this solution cannot be used with EqualLogic or Dell PowerVault storage, but only with Compellent environment, the pro is that it will be fully integrated with the Compellent management software (Enterprise Manager):

For each cache pool, a minimum of three licenses (license is per node and there is a 90-day free evaluation available) will be required for Dell Fluid Cache for SAN. One additional license will be required for each additional node. But will also be possible have just a set of servers that act as Cache Contributor Server with a local flash cache and other node that are just Cache Client Servers, still with a network card for the private cache network but without a local flash cache.


During the Virtualization Field Day 4, Kishore Gagrani, Global Product Director, PowerEdge Caching, presents Dell’s NVMe solution that rappresent a good Fluid Cache introduction:

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