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Reading Time: 3 minutes According with the Veeam KB1982 (Veeam Backup & Replication 8.0 Patch 1) there is the first patch for Veeam Backup & Replication 8. After upgrading, your build will be version The patch is already available for the download (you need to be logged in to download the patch). There are several bugfixes both for the VMware and Hyper-V enviroments, but also some minor new features and enhancements.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutanix has announced the first group of Nutanix Tech Champions (NTC), a community awards similar to the VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP, Cisco Champions, EMC Elect, … rewarding members of the community on their efforts in sharing their knowledge and enabling fellow community members. This is an awards program that recognizes Nutanix and web-scale experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry, and provides them with unique opportunities to further expand their knowledge, amplify their brand, and together, help shape the future of web-scale IT.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cisco Live are vendor events evolved out of the Networkers conferences that began in 1989. It offers a unique combination of in-depth technical education and training and cutting-edge insights from the experts and organizations that are setting the agenda for the future of technology and business. And also the possibility to testing and certification on Cisco products and the opportunity for attendees to extend their professional networks by forging new connections with like-minded colleagues.

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve got the opportunity to read one new book about the Horizon View solution: VMware Horizon View Essentials from Peter von Oven (the co-author of other VMware Horizon books, like VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials). This book is not from VMware Press, but from a different editor, that is Packt Publishing and has several interesting books (really a lot on virtualization and still growing) and actually has several interesting authors (and reviewers) for those books from the VMware’s community. The Packt’s Essentials series has a specific learning pathway and level: fast paced, concentrated introductions showing the quickest […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes As written in a previous post, Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification is a documented proof that an engineer possesses the necessary level of expertise to correctly architect, implement and configure Veeam Software Solutions. This Veeam’s certification (introduced with the v7 of its products) is a great investment for an IT professional looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, propel personal career advancement and achieve industry recognition.

Reading Time: 6 minutes During the last IT Press Tour (the 14th), in the Silicon Valley (December 1-5, 2014) we met several companies in different categories (Cloud, Storage and Big Data). The first company that we met (on the first day) was Nimble Storage, one well know name in the storage world (and present for the fouth time at a IT Press Tour).

Reading Time: 3 minutes During the last IT Press Tour (the 14th), in the Silicon Valley (December 1-5, 2014) we met several companies in different categories (Cloud, Storage and Big Data). The second company that we met on the second day was ObjectiveFS, an interesting company with a single but unique product in the cloud area.

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