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Recently I’ve got a strange issue on ESXi 6.0: after an host reboot the ESXi hosts display a false positive warning:

Deprecated VMFS volume(s) found on the host. Please consider upgrading volume(s) to the latest version


Starting with vSphere 6.0 the VMFS3 version is now deprecated, but in my case all block based datastores were already at VMFS version 5!

It’s just a warning and all was working fine, but almost strange and unexpected.

According with KB 2109735 (In a VMware vSphere 6 environment, the ESXi hosts display a false positive warning: Deprecated VMFS volume(s)) this issue may occur because at the time of initial detection, the version of the filesystem is not known. Therefore, comparing it against the list of valid filesystems does not return a match.

Considering that I’ve added some VIB, this behavior was reasonable (or at least possible).

The suggested work around was simple restart the management agents on the impacted hosts to clear the warning using the DCUI or the local command line: restart

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But in my case the warning remain. Initially I’ve though that was because some datastores was in VMFS 5.60 (from 5.5) instead of 5.61 version (from 6.0), but also this was not the real reason.

But finally I’ve realized that the reason was more simple: I’ve got an umounted VMFS volumes (that was still VMFS 5), still present in the storage view as an inactive datastore.

The only solution was remove this “inactive” datastore (where version number was not detected) by re-mount it, unmask at storage level, or delete it.

After this and the restart of the management agents (or the host reboot), finally all was working fine without the warning.


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