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One year ago, FalconStor has announced the FreeStor solution: their foundation for different type of services or user cases or customers needs with a new sales models (by subscription) and full optional.

This solution came from the NSS storage virtualization product combining all the (rich) data services, a new architecture in one platform:


Now FalconStor is announcing the availability of FreeStor Analytics on storage metrics in order to provide analytics and insight across heterogeneous storage environments, allowing users to take action, both proactively and reactively, as needed. This approach allows you to better manage capacity, performance and availability.

Instead of having multiple siloes of storage analytics you can have an horizontal approach gives holistic, actionable view, with real-time views, real-time metrics and real-time answers.

You can use those data for easily identify hotspots and bottlenecks to optimize performance and availability:


Or also predict capacity utilization across ALL storage and handle a complete capacity planning:


But you can also have some kind of automation or notification, by building custom rules when specific conditions are triggered. On this events you can have several type of actions:

  • Open Approach
  • Move data
  • User-Defined Smart Rules
  • Proactively Detect & Alert
  • Optimize & Simplify
  • Point & Click Easily

Also all data can be managed by an external monitoring and report tool in order to correlate the data with other events or information (FalconStor does not provide detailed data of specific storages or applications or simple on the storage fabric).