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Tintri Inc. has announced a new scale-out storage platform to enable enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to build their own Amazon-like cloud infrastructure for diverse virtualized workloads. The new platform forms the foundation for the industry’s largest all-flash scale-out, with support for up to 160,000 VMs, 10 petabytes of capacity, and 6.4 million IOPS, for less than $1/GB.

Tintri Scale-out Storage Platform is built on a VAS (VM-­aware Storage) foundation for modern storage scale-out with the following characteristics:

  • Federated pool of storage. The federated node design treats multiple Tintri VMstores—both all-flash and hybrid-flash nodes—as a pool of storage, greatly simplifying management, planning and resource allocation.
  • Scalability and performance. The storage platform is designed to scale to more than one million VMs. Separation of control flow from data flow ensures low latency and scalability to a very large number of storage nodes.
  • Scale from small to very large with new and existing, all flash and hybrid, partially or fully populated systems.
  • VM and software based. Based on software intelligence that delivers consistent performance for virtualized and cloud applications. It works across any standard high performance Ethernet network, eliminating the need for proprietary interconnects. The VM Scale-out software automatically provides best placement recommendation for VMs.
  • Scale compute and storage independently. Loose coupling of storage and compute provides customers with maximum flexibility to scale these elements independently.

As you can notice this is not the classical “scale-out” storage with data redoundancy across network (for more information see this post), but a way to manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid storage as one federated pool. Not a cluster or a “tradition” distributed storage, but a set of loose coupling storage array that separates control flow from data flow to ensure low latency across a large number of nodes. You can start small and grow as needed with a future-proof platform. It’s more like a “storage virtualization and abstraction” layer, but build in the product and in the management capabilities to help in manage multiple products as a logical one, but each product must have it’s own availability level (and each is just a scale-up storage).

Tintri also announce new VMstore T5000 all flash models with capacity expansion capabilities, VM Scale-out software, Tintri Analytics for predictive capacity and performance planning, and two new Tintri Cloud offerings. The simplicity of VAS enables organizations to scale from 17 TB to 10 PB with a common platform and less than one full time employee dedicated to storage management.

Tintri first introduced the Tintri VMstore T5000 all-flash series in August 2015. Now there are three new models, the T5040, T5060 and T5080, are updated with new capacity options ranging from 17 TB to 308 TB. These systems leverage the latest in 3D NAND technology and high density drives to offer organizations both higher capacity and lower $/GB. In the future, Tintri will also enable capacity upgrades with some of these models to allow customers to scale up their individual VMstores. Combined with VAS VM-level capabilities and VM Scale-out software, customers can scale with complete flexibility, growing from one Tintri T5040 all flash system to 32 fully populated T5080s.


About Tintri Analytics, Tintri has always provided you full visibility into your individual virtual machines right now. This, for example, is really useful to find the the root cause of latency, changes in performance usage and much more.

Now there is a SaaS tool that allows you to model storage needs up to 6 months into the future based on up to 3 years of historical data. Tintri has expanded the foundation analytics with a cloud-based predictive analytics engine that provide you the power of elastic search, so you can mine the rich meta-data that Tintri Analytics collects, crunching numbers from 160,000 VMs over several years in less than one second.


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