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Runecast is a company that provide actionable predictive analytics for VMware vSphere environments. Runecast Analyzer is a solution that provides software-defined expertise to mitigate service outages, increase security and compliance and reduce time in troubleshooting.  Runecast Analyzer is deployed in VMware environments across the globe within enterprise and SME customers.

This solution can discover hidden issues in your vSphere environment by using the current VMware Knowledge Base articles, that is probably the most trusted, complete and up-to-date public source of known issues and best practices related to VMware products, but it’s also typically used reactively, once the problem already persists.

Runecast Analyzer is a proactive VMware vSphere management solution that installs as an OVA format virtual appliance. Runecast Analyzer uses current VMware Knowledge Base articles and Runecast expertise to analyze the virtual infrastructure and expose potential issues and best practice violations, before they cause major outages.

Since the VMware KB is updated continuously, so is the Runecast Central Repository. You can configure your Runecast Analyzer appliance to download the KB updates that are normally released on weekly basis. You can download them online or apply the offline update – in case of lack of Internet connectivity.

Runecast Analyzer is now available in version 1.5:


“Version 1.5 of Runecast Analyzer is a key milestone for our R&D efforts, particularly as this was a frequently requested requirement from our customers,” commented Stan Markov, CEO, Runecast. “It will provide a major business benefit to service providers, enterprise customers and anyone with more than one vCenter instance.”

All existing customers will be able to upgrade seamlessly. If the Runecast Analyzer appliance is configured to download the latest update, the upgrade will be automatic. In the case where the appliance is configured for manual updates, customers will have the option of manually triggering the update or performing an offline update where the ISO update file can be downloaded and then copied over into a more secure environment where the Runecast Analyzer appliance resides.

Other enhancements in version 1.5 include improved security, enhanced log search and filtering and improved Knowledge Base filters.

A free trial of Runecast Analyzer can be downloaded at