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SwiftStack is a complete, enterprise-ready storage product with OpenStack Swift at the core. SwiftStack delivers needed and innovative functionality outside the datapath, while OpenStack Swift components are in the datapath. The core engine IS OpenStack Swift. It’s not forked, fattened, or watered down.

SwiftStack is one of the lead contributor to the Swift project that has over 220 additional contributors. Swift is used to drive some of the storage clouds at companies like Comcast, Time Warner, and Wikipedia, to name a few.

After the announce of version 4, they have announce SwiftStack 5 with several new features:

  • Cloud Sync – policy-driven, bidirectional replication to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • SwiftStack Client for macOS and Windows, allowing for simplified end-user access
  • Multi-region erasure coding – extends this data protection option across multiple geographic regions
  • Deep containers/buckets – hundreds of millions of objects in each container/bucket
  • SwiftStack Controller software appliance – simplifies and automates the deployment and maintenance of the SwiftStack controller

Probably the Cloud Sync feature is the most interesting: now, data can be replicated back down to on-premises storage from a bucket in the public cloud. Customers have the flexibility to choose one-way or two-way sync on a bucket by bucket basis depending on their need or use case.

Combined with the Google partnership this is an interesting way to extending your storage infrastructure to the public cloud allows you to more easily collaborate with external teams, leverage cloud bursting for faster compute, and take advantage of cost-effective offsite archiving capabilities using Google Cloud Coldline (or Amazon Glacier).

Also a new trial-use program called Test Drive has been launched: if you already have a trial there is nothing you need to do, your account will be automatically converted to Test Drive. In addition, you will be recieving curated ideas from us on the best way to evaluate SwiftStack, including the new features of V5.

To learn more about the product, see also: SwiftStack: Object Storage for the Enterprise