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VMware has just released the new major version of NSX-T 2.0 to provides an agile software-defined infrastructure to build cloud-native application environments.

When Nicira product has been released was for Linux and physical platform, but after the VMware’s acquisition has been re-engineered to be integrated in the vSphere platform, with the new name of VMware NSX (now NSX-v).

NSX-T is again a version for (physical) Linux system designed for management, operations, and consumption newtork resources insied a (development) organizations. NSX-T allows IT and development teams to choose the technologies best suited for their applications.

The following new features and enhancements are now available as part of the NSX-T 2.0 release:

  • IP Discovery: Auto-Discovery of IP addresses for each and every VM.
  • Support for Containers: NSX-T will enable micro-segmentation and networking capabilities for Kubernetes.
  • Distributed Network Encryption (a.k.a. DNE): enable encryption for communication between workloads/VMs under NSX domain.
  • Operations: automation for install (new install process) and upgrades (new upgrade coordinator), automated restore, enhancements to install/upgrade to collect vCenter clusters to automate deployments of NSX VIBs to ESXi hosts.
  • Distributed Firewall: DFW using objects and tags in rules, granular IPFIX configuration support from DFW (at the granularity of logical switch, logical port or Nsgroup)
  • Inventory Collection: collect VM information that can be used in various components like Grouping, Tagging, Traceflow, IPFIX and Port Mirroring.
  • Edge Firewall: new feature to enable north-south filtering to an NSX domain.
  • AAA with RBAC and vIDM integration: with this release, there are six roles for RBAC. NSX is also integrated with VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) to provide a unified user information for all VMware products.
  • …and much more.