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What is Metallic?

Metallic DMaaS (data management as a service) was introduced by Commvault in late 2019 as part of its Intelligent Data Platform to provide SaaS delivered data protection and management.

Data management helps to build and maintain a data framework in order to store, ingest, transform, archive, transmit, and secure the data needed by the business.

Metallic provides:

  • Metallic DMaaS, offering protection for SaaS applications including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce; protection for endpoints; and protection for hybrid cloud workloads including Virtual Machines, File Systems, Databases, and containers
  • Metallic eDiscovery, offering granular search and export capabilities for Office 365 and endpoint data to help satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Metallic Recovery Reserve delivering secure, scalable, and air-gapped cloud storage for your backups

Metallic ThreatWise enables early threat detection and zero loss strategy

Commvault on 21st September 2022 has announced general availability of Metallic® ThreatWise™ data security service, offering early threat detection technologies designed to surface unknown and zero-day threats before they reach their target, and impact business operations.

“Data recovery is important, but alone it’s not enough. Just a few hours with an undetected bad actor in your systems can be catastrophic,” said Ranga Rajagopalan, Senior Vice President, Products, Commvault. “By integrating ThreatWise into the Metallic SaaS portfolio, we provide customers with a proactive, early warning system that bolsters their zero-loss strategy by intercepting a threat before it impacts your business.”

Metallic ThreatWise changes the game in ransomware protection, combining sophisticated early warning and early action with comprehensive data protection.

Metallic ThreatWise integrates cyber deception to engage and surface threats before bad actors reach their target. Cyber deception is an active defence technology that provides businesses with a powerful one-two-punch; first slowing attacks down by diverting bad actors toward fake assets and, second, by providing visibility into attacks in progress.

The core of the solution are the indistinguishable decoys (called threat sensors), a new approach to bait bad actors into engaging fake resources, proactively spotting threats in production environments, and arming businesses with tools to keep data safe from extortion.

Threat sensors

Basically, those threat sensors are traps for the attackers, by precisely simulating real resources, sensors are indistinguishable to real resource and can help to identify active and unknown attacks. upWhen engaged with high-fidelity warning signals are triggered to key business stakeholders, exposing threats as attackers silently traverse networks, discover assets, and elevate privileges – before data impact.

Leveraging patented deception technology, Metallic drops threat sensors, in bulk, around valuable assets (such as file servers, databases, VMs, etc…), creating decoys within customer environments.

Choosing a type of server

You can configure threat sensors across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS environments .

But what it really interesting of this solution, is the number of preconfigured traps for different uses cases and assets that you need to protect. For example, for Windows Server you have already a complete sets of services out of the box:

Pre-configured services for Windows Server 2019

And of course, sensors are not enough with a proper evidence and visibility tool… ThreatWise provides highly accurate alerts to get clear, decisive, and immediate visibility into malicious activity and lateral movement… before threats reach your data and without false positives or alert fatigue. Of course, you can seamlessly integrate alerts with key security solutions.

Alarm and event Notification

Delivered as a SaaS solution, ThreatWise offers a lightweight, cloud architecture, that’s up in minutes and scales in seconds – that’s full integrated alongside Metallic industry lead backup and recovery capabilities.

Metallic ThreatWise, along with Commvault’s latest platform update features is already available and will be sold as an add-on service for Metallic SaaS and Commvault software.

TheatWise option in the Metallic Service Catalog

For more information and to see the product features you can schedule a demo, or just start a free trial.

And have a look at the ThreatWise blog on

How Metallic ThreatWise differs from other vendors in this space?

Data Protection starts before you’re compromised, not at the point of recovery.

Traditional deception solutions, help businesses learn from bad actors and their attempts. But, while valuable, these solutions are complex, take time to deploy, and consume IT resources.

With Metallic ThreatWise, businesses get fully integrated deception technology, alongside award-winning DMaaS – to spot  ransomware attacks before data leakage, encryption, or exfiltration.

Metallic ThreatWise adds truly differentiated tools around pre-attack identification, helping customers intercept attacks before they reach their targets. It helps further disrupt and redefine the data protection market, as Commvault becomes the only vendor capable of identifying, deceiving, and detecting threats across production and backup environments.