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There were some rumors about the future of the End-User Computing Division (the “EUC Division”) in VMware.

This division includes several producs like Horizon and Workspace ONE, along with common platform services of data, identity and workflows. 

Today, KKR announced the signing of a definitive agreement with Broadcom to acquire its “EUC Division” in a transaction valued at approximately $4 billion.

Upon closing of the transaction, which is expected to occur later this year subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, the EUC Division will become a standalone company, with greater access to growth capital and a dedicated strategic focus on empowering customers and partners worldwide with innovative digital workspace solutions.

Sounds great, but of course will be not the same as be a VMware (ops… Broadcom) division.

And it’s not a surprise, other companies do the same move in the past (like Nutanix that sell the Frames product just last year).

What will happen to existing customers and what will be the license after the acquistion? And what the future of some cloud services actually managed by VMware? What will happen to all the employees in this division… will they move in the the new company?

And, will the new company be credible compared with the other player around the End User world?

And to be really a standalone and independent solution, in my opinion, Horizon must become a standalone product no more tight so close to VMware vSphere (as other VDI solutions that are hypervisor independent).

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