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Reading Time: 2 minutes The US edition is already finished, and there is less than a month to the European edition of VMworld 2012, this year (for the first time) at Barcelona (October 9-11). The reasons to attend at this event could be similar to the reasons to attend at the VMworld US, plus of course the opportunity to visit Barcelona that this an awesome city! In the European edition that is shorted (three days instead of four), there is also an addition day (on Monday) dedicated only for the VMware Partner, and this could be another reason (if […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everybody that has attend at least at one VMworld, or at a VMware Partner Exchange, event probably know what is a Hands on Labs (HoL) and probably has run at least a lab. HoL are probably one of the best reason to attend at this kind of event (and also this year were really good) because you can make practice on VMware technologies, and also (in the recent years) are well designed to be scenario oriented (and usually scenarios could be really close to the real world). The HoL infrastructure is really cool (and a […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here some useful resources: My Flickr album My post about VMworld VMware NOW Keynote at VMworld 2012 VMworld 2012 “What Happened” Tech Talk post Thoughts from VMworld 2012 (San Francisco) – DZone News Some VMworld 2012 sessions (full length) available for free on YouTube VMware HOL Online – Public Beta Registration is now Open!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that the VMworld US 2012 is over, I can can summarize what I’ve liked and what not in this big event. The best moments and aspects where: Networking with other people is (IMHO) the main reason to attend at this kind of event. Was a pleasure and an honor know new people and see again old friends. VMware Office of the CTO event: great event with a lot of great people. HoL Backstage: amazing and really interesting know how are made the HoL and also find how products are fit together (nice see that […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes During the first day of the VMworld US, VMware has updated (and changed) its certifications page by adding more certifications (some available soon) and by defining two new certification paths. For the new certifications there isn’t too much to say, some where expected from several months (like the VCAP-DT), other are quite new and related with the new certifications paths (see Certification Roadmap) that will be basically four: Datacenter Virtualization (DV) that already exist and it’s completed Cloud End Using Computing (previous know at DT path) Cloud Application Platform Except the last path that is […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes During the VMworld US 2012 several new VMware products has been announced, starting from the VMware Cloud Suite 5.1 announce (from the first keynote) and the End User Computing vision (from the second keynote). The new Cloud Suite will introduce several improvements and new features (for a complete list see: Technical Whitepaper: What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Platform), some already discussed: The vSphere Web Client Enhanced vMotion VM replication in vSphere 5.1 (without SRM) VDP: the new backup product Networking and Security improvements No more vRAM entitlement (also for vSphere 5.0) Changes in prices and edition’s included […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute VMworld keynotes where three this edition: Monday, August 27: Paul Maritz has shared how VMware is helping customers and partners thrive in the Cloud era and has also introduced Pat Gelsinger. New release products has been announced has also the dead of the vSphere 5 vRAM Entitlement. Then Steve Herrod has discuss and introduced the technology at the heart of the software defined datacenter. Watch Mondays General Session Tuesday, August 28: Steve Herrod introduce the End User Computing vision of VMware with also a great demo with Vittorio Viarengo. Then VMware partners take the stage to […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Thu 30 August the  VMworld 2012 US has finally been finished. In the next days  the detail of the event! Actually the first info for the edition 2013: will be again at San Francisco.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Officially the VMworld US 2012 starts today (but yesterday there was already the opening of the Hands-on labs and the Welcome Reception event). To follow the event on Twitter just use the hashtag #VMworld. It’s curios that on the same same is also scheduled a live event (important announcements on August 27) about VMware’s cloud strategy and solutions. It’s not clear yet if will be the same opening keynote, but sounds quite obvious that VMworld and this event will probably be officially launch the new Cloud Suite. So stay tuned on both sides!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m boarding in my flight to San Francisco to the VMworld US 2012. This will be my first VMworld US (actually I’ve only attended to the VMworld EU edition and to one PEX) and I’m really curious and exited! I’ve already written about my expetaction and I hope that will be a great and intensive week. See also my previous post: VMworld US 2012 – More information VMworld US 2012 – Why attend One month to the VMworld US

Reading Time: 2 minutes To add more information to the previous post (One month to the VMworld US, VMworld US 2012 – Why attend and VMworld 2012 news) , there are several useful pointers. VMworld event: Registration will be at Moscone West Content Catalog VMworld USA 2012 all you need to know VMworld sessions by the numbers The Easier way to Use the VMworld Schedule Builder  VMworld 2012 Itinerary (great timeline) For Social & Events: VMworld 2012 Gatherings, Tweetups, Parties and Activities VMworld 2012 Blogger & Twitter Coverage Twitter contributor member lists for: San Francisco San Francisco Blogger List VMworld […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes The VMworld event is probably the most important virtualization event of each year. Considerations on why attend at the VMworld USA 2012 are quite the same each year (see VMworld Europe 2011 – Why attend). This event is a great opportunity for training and information with a lot of sessions (and note that is possible watch at them also later), but I see at least two good reasons to attend at this kind of events (and not only VMworld): Networking: meet and know people is invaluable. Sessions: but you cannot follow all of them, and […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are at least two recent news for the VMworld 2012 events: VMworld 2012 US: the band has been announced and will be Jon Bon Jovi and The Kings of Suburbia. Note that is “only” Jon Bon Jovi and not the entire music group (Bon Jovi), that means no Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres (from the original band). Anyway Jon Bon Jovi is the leader and the voice of the group… So it could give a good performance (I hope on ’80 years songs). For people that do no like his songs (or […]

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