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For the View client for iPad there is any other alternative application (at least with PCoIP support), but for the vSphere client for iPad there are some other applications that can work as well of the official VMware application… With the advantage to do not require any silly virtual appliance to act as a “mobiel proxy” and also to be able to work on iPhone and not only on iPad (IMHO I think that also the vSphere Client for iPad could be adapted to the iPhone screen).

From the possible iOS applications there are:

  • iVMControl: Control VMware® vCenter and ESX devices from your iPhone and iPad – Not free and (IMHO) quite limited
  • OPS1: Operations Management on your iPhone (not designed for iPad) – Free with upgrade to Enterprise fee based

IMHO I fould OPS1 very nice and useful… the features list seems also bigger than the VMware application (but note that most features are only the the Enterprise version of this application).