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In the previous post I’ve introduced some concept of the Nutanix approach to the storage (and not only, because it include also the compute and the networking part).

Basically we can use the slogan “No SAN”, but as written is more than a simple local storage approach.

To have more information and some example also of the user interface see this documents:

There is also a recent news about the NFS support, for more info see: Nutanix, and the move to file storage.

Another interesting consideration is about who could/may buy Nutanix? Although actually there is a lot interest about the virtual networking, storage remain still a common field in acquisition.

Some weeks ago, I’ve read this post: Should Citrix Buy Nutanix in Response to Dell Buying Quest? But actually I think that other players and vendors may be more interested of this asset (and also we have to consider that Citrix is involved with Microsoft in the V-Alliance).

One player could be Microsoft: they are really pushing new tecnologies in Windows Server 2012 (SMB 3.0 and the new filesystem), but still they are lacking of a real distributed and transparent filesystem. And, of course, it can be interesting for their Hyper-V.

For similar reason also VMware could be interested: they have a good filesystem (VMFS), but their VSA solution is quite limited (especially in scalability). And, of course, they can put a lot of integration between the virtualization and the storage part.

But Nutanix actually is not only a software solution but instead is a complete solution, including the hardware part… Could Microsoft or VMware be interested also in this aspect?

About the big storage and hardware vendors, Dell could be a good candidate, considering that a Nutanix group could be implemented with a PowerEdge-Cloud server. But what about the existing EqualLogic and Compellent family that have some scale-out features? Other vendor, like Fujitsu, do not have the same storage portfolio, so maybe they could be more interested.


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