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IMG_3945As usual, on this event there where several sponsors, classified with a “storage” approach according to the level: Petabyte, Gigabyte, Megabyte.

Petabyte Sponsors where:

  • Brocade
  • Comm Vault
  • DataCore
  • F5
  • Microsoft
  • Siver Peak

We have already talk about the Dell announces at this event, but also some sponsor have made some announces, like Comm Vault. But also other vendors has presented interesting products and solutions.

For example, Silver Peak has worked with Dell to reduce issues and pain in geographic replications. Off-site data replication is key to ensuring ongoing business operations, but it can be complex and costly, especially when performed over long distances. With Silver Peak Velocity and Dell Compellent’s Remote Instant Replay you can replicate 6x to 30x more data over any WAN. For more information see this page.

IMG_3952Brocade has presented lot of solution to expand the I/O connectivity both on rack/tower servers and also on blade systems. There where several solutions also of convergent networks.

Data Core has presented some interesting labs to demonstrate the auto-tiering feature of SAN Symphony-V. See this press release, for more information.

Microsoft has bring an entire F1 simulator and, of course, material about the new OS.

And in the entire show-room there were lot of technical people, not only sales guys, so was really interesting talk about technologies.

Was curios the absence of some historical Dell partner. For example at this event Symantec was completely missing.