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My briefing with VMware, during the last Powering the cloud event, was with Rob Jenkins (Director Advisory Services, EMEA).

Basically we have done a recap of some VMworld announcements and the VMware’s vision of the datacenters:

  • Flexibile IT infrastructure
  • Fabric of the datacenter
  • Fully automated

Was also interesting how VMware is doing a company data-mining to define and classify them by an “innovative score”.

We have also talk about the changes in the IT and in the IT stuff and people. World is moving to a agile IT, but this does not automatically mean more value! We need new approaches and a new mentality to have company strategy fist and more innovation. And, of course, new roles, more training and people with cross-function capability. The new IT manager must become a “broker” of cloud services and must be able to choose the right solution according with the needs and also the momentum.

Resources are becoming more virtual than previous years, but this could be not enough to talk about a real evolution (or revolution): virtualization could help to decrease CAPEX cost, but to really reduce OPEX cost a good automation is required. Automation could really help to improve both the flexibility and also the company processes and procedures.

Also have a tool does not imply a direct advantage: also investments, a new culture and new profiles are required to transform organizations and datacenters. And new specific tools and metrics are  needed in the new approach. For example VMware is working on the IT Business Manager Suite.

Finally we have talk about the virtualization eco-system and the role of it compared to VMware (I’ve write a post with some consideration some months ago): from VMware point of view its role is provide the platform, the technologies and some core products; the role of the eco-system is provide solutions.

In this way there is a lot of space in the eco-system, but of course each vendor must work on better solutions, or on cheaper solutions, or find a way to have unique or different solutions.

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