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Granular restore of application is usually a complex and long task that may require also good knowledge of the application itself. This because most backup programs just restore the application files and then using specific application procedures you can restore specific objects from those recovered files.

As written in previous posts, Veeam Backup & Replication has different ways to handle object restores: using Application Item Recovery (AIR) or, for some applications, using a specific Veeam Explorer components.

For SQL Server actually there is only the U-AIR option, that is really powerful but require at least the Enterprise edition and a virtual lab setup.

But in the next version there will be a new Veeam Explorer for SQL (announced during the past SFD5 event) that will bring new features in SQL restore:

  • Whole DB Recovery
  • T-Logs and Point in Time
  • Transaction rollback

All of them are really interesting compared to the simple option from U-AIR where you bring online your database and you have to handle a manually restore of your tables and/or rows.

Of course in both cases the restore must be handled by a dbadmin or somebody that know the application level (or the business logic level) really well in order to know the interaction between the tables and the state of the application.

Actually there isn’t yet a public beta of this feature (like was with the new Veeam Explorer for Active Directory), but stay tuned on the Veeam blog site.

Note: next version seems to be a 8.0 version and not a 7.1 or 7.5 version (by looking at existing build number of the new components), that mean a new major release; so be sure to have an active maintenance on your products! This will also mean a new VMCE Certification. So start studying.


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