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This year there will be the first Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Europe (Vienna, 8-10 November), after the US edition in Spring 2016 (that was the second .NEXT US Conference). I’m very excited to attend at this event and I have a lot of expectation from it (see how was the first .NEXT Conference).

I’ve been invited (as a NTC) and I’m really curious to learn more about Nutanix products and technologies, their vision, their alliances, …. and of course to see a lot of friends.

The agenda seems very interesting and I hope that the level will be the same of the first .NEXT, with good overview in the general sessions and good technical level in the breakout sessions.

Nutanix-NextUsually .NEXT is also the announce with wow effects, and something new will be announced. Not only the new release Asterix (the codename for Acropolis OS 5.0). The announce of Acropolis and Acropolis Hypervisor where both are grow in those years with serveral features.

Probably there will be also some clarification on the recent acquisitions (and the role of PernixData technology and know how in Nutanix products).

Is also interesting see how the ecosystem as grow not only with direct partnership (Dell and Lenovo, for example), but also with the interoperability of several other products (very interesting the partship with Citrix, for example). And how the community has grow, not only with the Community Edition, but also with specific Nutanix User Group and the presence in the Old Continent of a lot of events (the first .NEXT Conference, but also several .NEXT On Tour events).

See also: My expectations about Nutanix .NEXT in Vienna.

And stay tuned on twitter during the conference and on my blog in the next weeks to have more information on the conference!