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VMware has just released the new version of VMware Horizon: version 7.4 has several improvements as documented in the release notes.

Some improvements are related to the connection servers:

  • Cloud Pod Architecture
    • The Cloud Pod Architecture feature now supports one-way Active Directory trust domains. Horizon administrators can implement one-way trust topologies in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, and end-users can select and launch remote desktops and published applications across the trust.
    • Users can now launch remote desktops and applications on a later version pod when connected to an earlier version pod in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment.
    • You can enable the Session Collaboration feature for global desktop entitlements.
  • Published Desktops and Application Pools
    • You can use NVIDIA GRID vGPU for 3-D rendering when you create an instant-clone farm.
    • The “Empty session timeout (applications only)” option provides a new “immediate” timeout value in the farm settings to log off the session when the last application window is closed.

But there are also some interesting features both at the agents and clients level.

For the agents there are new features:

  • Session Collaboration
    With the Session Collaboration feature, users can invite other users to join an existing remote desktop session.
  • Fingerprint Scanner Redirection by Using the Device Bridge BAS Plugin
    You can redirect biometric devices, specifically fingerprint scanners, that are plugged into a serial port on a Windows client system to virtual desktops, published desktops, and published applications by using the device bridge feature. You can install the Device Bridge BAS Plugin by selecting the Device Bridge BAS Plugin custom setup option in the Horizon Agent installer.
  • Secure boot enabled machines supported with URL Content Redirection
    URL content can now be redirected from machines that have secure boot enabled.
  • URL Content Redirection with Chrome 
    URL content can now be redirected to the Chrome browser. Both agent-to-client and client-to-agent redirection are supported. To use this feature, the VMware Horizon URL Content Redirection Helper extension must be installed and enabled in Chrome.

But also old features, finally added to the the agent for Linux virtual desktop. For more information see this blog post.

For information about new features in Horizon Client 4.7, including HTML Access, see the Horizon Clients Documentation page.