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One month ago, VMware has released a new branch of the VMware Tools, the version VMware Tools 10.2.0 some a new interesting feature: the offline VIB bundle.

With this package, you can simply upgrade the embedded VMware Tools components in your VMware ESXi hosts in order to continue to update your VMware Tools as usual!

The VMware Tools Offline VIB Bundle is available on the VMware download page, in the Drivers & Tools section:

The zip file (size: 533.03 MB) is called Name:

  • Release Date: 2017-12-14
  • Build Number: 7253323


At this point you can simple use VUM to import this file in the patch repository:

When the import is complete you must see the VIB package description:

Now you can simply apply the standard baseline and you will notice that the VMware Tools are dynamically added in the Non-Critical Patches:

When you remediate a host, you will see the new VMware Tools package (as Async branch to identify that is not the native VIB):

Now you can complete the remediation of all the hosts and then the VMware Tools upgrade of all the VMs