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The Nutanix .NEXT US event at Anaheim has just finished, but the event was a success with more than 6000 people and with also some important announcements.

This event become bigger and bigger each year, considering that the first Nutanix .NEXT event was in the late 2015 and there were several changes in the company, in the products and in the event content.

You can simply check the number of partners to understand how the Nutanix ecosystem has grown in those years:

And this year is also the Nutanix anniversary: Nutanix has born as a start-up company founded in September 2009 with the scope to realize a new SAN-less virtualized datacenter platform, converging two tiers of infrastructure down to one. On May, 14th 2012, Nutanix has officially started its EMEA division. Seems just yesterday and they change everything making HCI possible not only from the technology point of view, but also usable and practical (see my first post about Nutanix).

If you have missed this event (like me), you can found some useful content online.

Starting from the keynotes available on YouTube.

In the Nutanix .NEXT Anaheim Day 1 keynote, you can see the celebration of Nutanix 10 year anniversary, the presentation by CEO Dheeraj Pandey, a Nikola Bozinovic’s Frame demo, several product announcements from Chief Product and Development Officer, Sunil Potti and Friends, and a very special interview with actor Mark Hamill by Nutanix CMO, Ben Gibson.

In the Nutanix .NEXT Anaheim Day 2 keynote different topics have been covered, starting from what’s new in the world of databases, disaster recovery and IoT for the enterprise. In this keynote you can see how IT can go beyond automation to autonomic datacenters with technologies like AI and IOT applications that are “one-click simple.” Next up — Dr. Ayanna Howard, American roboticist and the School Chair for Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She’ll take us through a fascinating discussion on the implications of human-robot interaction, learning, and autonomous control in our daily lives. Science fiction has painted robots as the downfall of humankind, but robots can do everything from assisting with heart surgeries to mixing drinks.

Aso The Cube as a nice event coverage at this link.

About the announcements Nutanix has collect most of them in one page.

But the most interesting are:

  • Secondary Storage Simplified with Nutanix Mine, a new open solution that integrates secondary storage operations with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • Xi Frame now can run on Nutanix AHV, but also extends its desktop delivery capabilities beyond public cloud infrastructures, including AWS and Azure.
  • Xi Leap is expanding cloud-based disaster recovery services to new availability zones, covering Italy (via partnership with Sparkle, the international services arm of Telecom Italia Group) and other countries.
  • Xi IoT platform now offers new capabilities—designed for AI and IoT developers—to develop and deploy IoT and AI applications in the cloud or at the edge.

But also some interesting options in the deployment, like Nutanix on bare metal Amazon AWS in just 30 minutes:

What next? This year there will the Nutanix .NEXT UE 2019 at Copenhagen and next year the new Nutanix .NEXT at Chicago!

Mark your agenda: Nutanix .NEXT US 2020 will be at Chicago June 30 – July 2, 2020!