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After the GA of Zerto 7.0 in April 2019, now Zerto has announced the availability of Zerto 7.5, delivering deeper integrations with partners, new security and cloud capabilities and advanced analytics, helping customers navigate their cloud journey and alleviate security risks.

New features include expanded functionality with Microsoft Azure, including support for Azure Managed Disks, scale-sets and Azure VMware Solution (AVS); integrations with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst; certification and support for VMware vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO); and advanced analytics for reporting, planning and customisation of disaster recovery and long-term data retention.

The most interesting aspect is probably the certification and support for VMware vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) announced at the last ZertoCON conference.

The vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) allows vendors to develop filters that can intercept any IO requests from a VM to a virtual disk. This integration with Zerto will allow Zerto customers on future IT Resilience Platform versions to create VM replication policies in vCenter’s Storage Policy Based Management for use in continuous data protection and IT Resilience. Certification with VAIO is accomplished by the creation of a tested and validated vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB). Zerto has completed the initial certification of its VIB as part of the development process for its next major release. As part of the certification, Zerto is now listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Advantages of inclusion in the VAIO framework include:

  • The signed VIB allows for deployment and support for Secure Boot for vSphere Hosts; a particularly important feature for both government agencies and other highly secure environments.
  • Cluster-level installation and upgrades of Zerto’s IT Resilience software, thus simplifying management for end users.
  • Increased hypervisor and VM stability resulting from VAIO framework providing better isolation between third party SW and core hypervisor processes.

For more information see this blog post.

But also the integration with Azure has been improved.

Zerto 7.5 deepens integration with Microsoft Azure to advance customers’ move to the cloud, expanding both current capabilities and delivering new ones, such as:

  • Support for Azure Managed Disks: Fail back from Azure Managed Disks to and from the cloud (premium SSD, standard SSD and standard HDD)
  • Further Integration with Azure VM Scale Sets to now support ongoing replication as well as recovery workflows
  • Workload mobility and testing for Azure across Azure regions
  • Support for Azure Active Directory Managed Service Identity (MSI): Zerto and Microsoft Azure users can now authenticate to Azure services and keep their credentials secure via the Microsoft Managed Service Identity (MSI)
  • Integration with Azure VMware Solution (AVS) by CloudSimple: Zerto users can take disaster recovery and mobility requirements for on-premises VMware environments to, from and between Azure with Azure VMware Solution (AVS) or to Azure natively to benefit from Azure’s scale and simplicity

And Zerto 7.5 includes complete integration with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst that delivers source-side deduplication for more efficient use of storage and network resources. This adds more efficiency and flexibility for users looking to use HPE StoreOnce as a long-term retention repository to converge disaster recovery and backup. 

Probably is a first step to integrate dedupe appliances, will be interesting see if there will other deep integration in future versions.