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Reading Time: 4 minutes PHD Virtual Monitor is a comprehensive virtualization monitoring solution that gives you complete visibility across your entire virtual IT infrastructure at all levels including virtual, physical and application. So it not only a multi-hypervisors monitor tool (as described in the previous post), but also a multi-environments tool. This could be really interesting with Citrix XenServer environments where the monitoring feature are quite minimal (and without simple notification in the free edition): CPU and Memory, both for hosts and VMs; and from latest version also networking and disks (but disk only for VMs). Also the graphs […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes One trend in the last year(s) is that the virtualization ecosystem is growing outside the boundary where was born: historical partner vendor of VMware now are extending their solution to other hypervisors, and also also new products are designed to managed a more complex virtual environment. This was also called “Hypervisor Agnosticism” in a VKernel post. We do not talk about interoperability across different hypervisors, but simple use same tools, especially for management, monitoring and data protection, for more type of products. Does it make sense? For a single customer maybe not… have multiple environment […]

Reading Time: 1 minute Something is finally moving with VCAP5 exams: last new was really old and only related on the feedback on blueprint of DCD (and also DCA). Now a new information is that the beta period of the VCAP5-DCD exam will run from February 13th, 2012 through March 2nd, 2012 (thanks VMware for the larger time window, one of the big issues of beta exams). So I suppose that maybe the final exam will go live on late April. This beta exam will be available at VMware Partner Exchange 2012 in Las Vegas (February 13-16), but I […]

Reading Time: 1 minute During the upgrade to Workstation 8.0.2 (on 64 bit Windows 7 OS) I’ve got a curios issue that I want to share. Basically for some strange reason the previous version was not removed correctly and the new one was not able to install itself because the setup program fail during the old version check. Also from control panel was not possible remove the old package. The documented (from the command line prompt) option in the exe file does not resolve this issue (also with the /clean option). And the manual remove of previous version was […]

Reading Time: 1 minute To simplify and streamline product portfolio, VMware has decided that the vCenter Operations Suite replaces vCenter CapacityIQ and vCenter CapacityIQ as a standalone product will be discontinued from  January 24, 2012. Customer of vCenter CapacityIQ with an active support and subscription (SnS) contract, are entitled to upgrade to the vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced edition free of charge. The advantage of this entitlement, is to access not only an enhanced set of capacity management features, but also benefit from analytics-based performance management capabilities and a new operations management dashboard only available in vCenter Operations.

Reading Time: 1 minute VMware has just released new patches for vSphere 4.1. Detailed information regarding resolved and known issues and enhancements can be found at: VMware ESX 4.1 Patch is available for download at or they can be handled with VUM.

Reading Time: 1 minute This is just a recap of some posts: Installing Dell OMSA 6.5 on ESXi 5 using VUM Installing Dell OMSA 6.5 on ESXi 5 using CLI Installing Dell OMSA Web Server in a VM Install Dell OpenManage on ESXi

Reading Time: 1 minute Kindle Fire is a tablet from Amazon, based on Android, that may become a competitor of the Apple iPad (considering also the interesting price). Although this tablet use Android, the recent new View Client for Android wasn’t included in the Amazon Android App Store. This lack as been correct in the last days, and now the new release 1.3 of the View Client, with PCoIP support, is available also for Kindle Fire. An alternative client (not strictly limited to VMware View solution) could also be the new release of Wyse PocketCloud (but actually still lack […]

Reading Time: 1 minute As written some days ago, VMware  announced the new version of the Linux View Client with PCoIP support. Now the binaries are available for the download, actually only for the Ubuntu distribution: There is also an interesting guide on how build a full client based on a live disto: Building an Ubuntu Live CD for VMware View Note that previously there wasn’t a public (and free) version of the Linux View Client with the PCoIP: the OpenSource vmware-view-open-client project still lack of this function (and also other functions, like USB redirection). But this does […]

Reading Time: 6 minutes The VCP5-DT beta period has already finished, so I would to update my thoughts on VMware beta exams (my first post about them was around one year ago). Beta vs. Regular exams Beta exams usually are for a small period before the run of the regular exams. Usually in the beta exams you have more time, more questions and a way to give feedback. Also the sign-up procedure could be different and is not possible to re-take a beta exam. The results of the beta exam are available not after the exam (as it is […]

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