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CloudPhysics provide a SaaS service of data-driven insights for smarter IT quite powerful e with lot of features. One interesting feature is the Cloud Cost Calculators to better understand your public cloud costs and when they can be cheaper compared to the on-prem solution of also compared across multiple cloud provider.

Now they announced that it has added Cloud Planning Rightsizer analytics to its Public Cloud Cost Calculators for enterprises who want to move to the public cloud and their channel partners. CloudPhysics’ Cloud Cost Calculators discover the configuration of every virtual machine (VM) in the data center and determine the cloud instance that best fits those discovered configurations. The Cloud Planning Rightsizer then examines the resource consumption patterns of those VMs and automatically identifies the on-premises VMs that are over-provisioned and have more resources than they need. The customer can then “rightsize” the VM and see what the costs would be to run the smaller, more appropriate VM in the public cloud.

“Today’s IT administrators are constantly asked if the enterprise can save money by moving applications to the cloud. The answer can only emerge after rightsizing each and every on-premises VM to its appropriate public cloud instance,” said Chris Schin, VP, Products at CloudPhysics. “Now IT teams can quickly and easily make data-supported decisions about the costs of running applications in the cloud — based on the actual resource needs of their VMs. The savings are real. We’ve seen customers save more than 50 percent  of costs by rightsizing with CloudPhysics.”

The Cloud Planning Rightsizer applies granular usage data which is collected from the organization itself continuously, automatically, and non-invasively. The Rightsizer analyzes each VM and exposes how much CPU space and memory that VM actually requires to function. If a VM is over-provisioned with resources, the Rightsizer immediately identifies it as a VM that can be rightsized. Following that, the Rightsizer maps the configurations to the best-fitting public cloud instance on AWS, Azure, or others, and immediately reveals the actual cost of running each VM in that cloud.

“Public clouds are expanding the IT options available to today’s enterprises,” said Ryan Burgess, manager of Technology Infrastructure at BlueShore Financial. “Cost is a large consideration when examining the offerings in the marketplace, and CloudPhysics’ Public Cloud Cost Calculators with the Cloud Planning Rightsizer automate the process we go through to benchmark our private cloud costs against public cloud alternatives.”

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Pricing and Availability
The Cloud Planning Rightsizer is included with the Public Cloud Cost Calculators in the CloudPhysics Premium Edition, available on an annual subscription basis. Users can get started with CloudPhysics Free Edition, which includes select Premium features, downloadable here: Once on Free Edition, customers can request access to a Premium Trial to try the Cloud Planning Rightsizer for 14 days.