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The US edition of VMworld 2016 is finally over (and the location and venue are been announced for next year: August 27 – August 31 still at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center). But which news are coming from this event?

This year, I’ve not attend at the US edition, but I will go, as usual, at the European one. So I cannot make a detailed report, or at least I can only comment other reports.

The first “news”, is the Dell-EMC fusion and again (like at the last VMworld EU) Michael Dell was present (this time physically) during the event. Nothing will change (at least not so much like with EMC) was the “tantra”, but something of course has change also for VMware. One public move is that Michael Dell joins VMware board of directors as chairman. With this change, Joseph M. Tucci, VMware’s chairman of the board of directors since 2007, as well as John R. Egan who served as a director on the VMware board of directors since 2007, are resigning from the VMware board. Let’s see the future moves.

The second big news is what was missing during this event: like past year there wasn’t any announce about VMware vSphere! No more virtualization focus at this event. But, again, nothing news considering how VMware is trasforming itself and it’s vision with more focus on Virtual SAN and NSX (with a lof of attention at this event). Virtualization is still present, but just as an infrastructure layer.

Another big shift, from the previous years is the new vision no more single cloud (only with VMware’s technologies), but multi-cloud: “a new era of cloud freedom and control is here.”

Cross Cloud Services can manage various different mega-clouds through a single interface, but not just managing but actually being able to move workloads between public clouds, including all associated network and security services and settings.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture is delivered through VMware Cloud Foundation™, a new set of Cross-Cloud services™  VMware is developing, and the VMware vRealize® cloud management platform. For more information see this infographic.

EUC vision has also change: rather than focusing solely on desktop virtualization, VMware is now pursuing a more holistic approach that spans everything from providing mechanisms for managing the authentication of endpoints to full-blown workspaces through which end users can access multiple applications. The demos shown by Sanjay mainly revolved around Workspace ONE.

Of course Cloud Native Application are still present and represent the new face of VMware: Kit Colbert has recently joined the Cloud Platform BU as the CTO and Ray O’Farrell is VMware’s CTO. During the show Kit mainly spoke about vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon.

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