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The latest Adobe Flash update (note that the update has been included also in Microsoft Update) with v make the vSphere Web Client no more usable with all browsers.

With Chrome and Firefox, you will recognize that the Flash plugin hangs, in Internet Explorer, you will have a simple generic error and the browser that will close.

Actually, there isn’t any recent VMware KB, but according to with Adobe forum (see this post) the only solution is just to go back to previous version v 27.0.0159. Just remove your new version and install the old one.

The previous version could be downloaded from Adobe site at this page: Just get this file: (Released 10/10/2017) Flash Player (405 MB).

Note that if the Flash update comes from Microsoft Update you first need to remove it from the Control Panel:

To check your Flash version from your browser, you can simply use this page:

To fix only Chome plugin on Windows, if you still have the previous one, navigate to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash and locate the folder with the new Flash version. If you still have other previous folders, just delete the folder. This should fix the issue.

Please note that the new version of Flash solves some issues (see this page), so keep in mind also the security before downgrading any components. Using a ThinApp or a portable version of your browser only for admin task could be an interesting compromise.

Some important updates from 19 October 2017: