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Reading Time: < 1 minute The VMware Communities Roundtable is an informal talk with different (in each episode) VMware experts talking about virtualization. The podcast it’s live every Wednesday at noon CA time. In the episode #421  I was invited to talk about the vSphere Client HTML5 and its limit, but also its pros. The talk idea came from a post that I’ve wrote one month ago (Is the HTML5-based vSphere Client ready to replace the vSphere Web Client?) on the limitation of the new vSphere Client, but this was before the vSphere 6.7 and vSphere 6.5U2 releases.

Reading Time: 4 minutes On May 2017, Dell EMC announced the next generation of PowerEdge servers: the new 14th generation, the first with the new Dell-EMC logo. After less than 3 years from the introduction of Generation 13 of PowerEdge series, the newly designed 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio forms a secure, scalable compute platform that is the ideal foundation for cloud, analytics or software-defined data center initiatives. Of course, the new series was not complete with all models at the launch and has been shapen in the following months.

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