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VMware Horizon Client communicates with the View server, which acts as a broker between the client device and remote desktops and published applications.

You enter credentials into Horizon Client, the server authenticates your credentials, and then the server finds the remote desktops and published applications that you are entitled to use.

Also if you can use VMware Blast to access your virtual desktop or published applications, a client is usually preferrable to have full features.

You can also use the client to create shortcuts to your virtual desktop or published applications.

Horizon View Client distributions it’s separated from Horizon for View packages and version and the current version is 4.8.

But the nice aspect is that recent client can manage the upgrade process in a simple way.

When you open the client you can check the version or activate the update notification:

Very smart and easy.

Note also that there is a Windows version of the client available in the Microsoft Store, in this case the update process is managed by the store.