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Red Hat has announced the new Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, an expansive, enterprise-grade solution for building and operating automation at scale.

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, organizations can accelerate collaboration between teams for improved operational efficiencies, reduced risk and a consistent user experience across infrastructure and technology domains.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is scheduled to be available early November 2019. Current Red Hat Ansible Tower customers can update to the latest version and gain access to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform at no additional cost.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform integrates Red Hat’s powerful automation suite consisting of Red Hat Ansible Tower, Red Hat Ansible Engine and Red Hat Network Automation along with new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based capabilities and features designed for organization-wide effectiveness. Regardless of whether an organization is just beginning its digital transformation journey through automation or is working to expand automation across more use-cases and domains, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides the tools needed to more quickly implement automation without starting from scratch. 

The Platform provides more secure content management, powerful analytics around automation deployments over time and building blocks that can shorten the time to value when getting started with automation. The new SaaS capabilities help to drive a more consistent automation user experience and fuel better collaboration to solve more IT challenges at once.

The new capabilities include:

  • Ansible Content Collections, a new packaging format that streamlines the management, distribution and consumption of Ansible content 
  • Automation Hub, a repository for certified content via Ansible Content Collections
  • Automation Analytics for improving automation efficiencies across Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployments