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Reading Time: 3 minutes With the announce of vSphere 6.0 there are of course a new bunch of certifications, changed not only in the version, but also in some other details. I’ve wrote about the new VMware certifications some weeks ago, and also on the upgrade rules from vSphere 5 based certifications. But finally, with the announce of the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization, now available in beta (so this is the first VMware public beta for an exam?) a new column is going to populating the new certification roadmap.

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Network Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX-NV) certification is something recent (introduced in October 2014) in the Network Virtualization path on the VMware NSX product. I’ve recently took the exam and I can share my consideration on it. This exam is just like other VCAP Admins exam (and a pre-authorization is required), and consists of 18 live lab activities and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 9 questions. The total time for this exam is 210 minutes (seems a lot, but for this exam could not be enough). Candidates who take the VCIX-NV Exam and have a […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes As written in a previous post, it’s possible study for the VCP-NV exam using only on-line resources, but the same it’s not really possible for the Network Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX-NV) certification that require really a good practice with the interface and a well understand of all NSX concepts. This exam is available since October 2014. As usual, the first source of information is the Exam Blueprint (actually in version 1.7, dated 9 December 2014) that give you a lot of information about the exam and also the environment (note that actually there isn’t a […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the new major version of most VMware products (the last was vSphere 6.0) there are, of course, new version of the main certifications (that mean also new exams). As written this was not the only change, because also some name has been changed (including the VCAP exams that now become VCIX). The VCP itself has been changed a lot, not only for the re-certification policy, but recently also the two different exams: a core one and one specific on each technology (for each path). Finally VMware announce also the migration paths from v5 certification […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutanix announced a cutting edge technology certification, the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX). This flagship educational program, set to become the most rigorous technical qualification in enterprise computing, creates a new standard in IT certifications and highlights the increasing adoption of multi-hypervisor environments in enterprise datacenters. NPX is a peer-vetted, hypervisor agnostic certification designed for veteran Solution Engineers, Consultants, and Architects. It’s an higher level (or a next level) compared to the Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP).

Reading Time: 8 minutes Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) is a technical certification introduced by Veeam to documented proof that an engineer possesses the necessary level of expertise to correctly architect, implement and configure Veeam Software Solutions. If you start from scratch, in order to gain this certification, you basically need to attend a course and pass the related exam (I’ve already described the entire process for the VMCE Certification and also some comments about the VMCE 7 Course). But VMCE needs a recertification on each new major version of Veeam Backup & Replication and recertification rules are pretty simple: […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes From the beginning of the VCDX program, all VCDX holders bio and information have been inventoried and promoted on a VCDX directory page, which is the only official and authoritative source in order to verify this kind of VMware certification. which is the only official and authoritative source in order to verify this kind of VMware certification. But wen the number of VCDX has grown (with 200 people), this page has become less usable and effective… and also has become more of a challenge to manage and keep the information updated. To solve this issues, some days ago, Chris and Karl have announce a new official […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although the official confirmation has not yet arrived via email (same behaviour of last year or two years ago), it seems that (also) this year I was confirmed as a vExpert. The list has published on the VMTN blog site: vExpert 2015 Announcement (for Q2 2015 see this post). After the 2014 test (one application every three months), this year the vExpert program as slightly change again  with one application every six months… So new people will be announced in the second half of this year.

Reading Time: 5 minutes So not only the new releases of some VMware products have been announced… but also new certifications, new levels and new paths. The VMware certification roadmap announced at VMworld 2012 was almost clear and related to the tecnologies used (and owned by VMware) at that time. But, except the moving of the developer certification to the Pivotal initiative, the paths have been the same until now (with the new entry of Network Virtualization) and the new VCA level.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutanix has announced the first group of Nutanix Tech Champions (NTC), a community awards similar to the VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP, Cisco Champions, EMC Elect, … rewarding members of the community on their efforts in sharing their knowledge and enabling fellow community members. This is an awards program that recognizes Nutanix and web-scale experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry, and provides them with unique opportunities to further expand their knowledge, amplify their brand, and together, help shape the future of web-scale IT.

Reading Time: 3 minutes As written in a previous post, Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification is a documented proof that an engineer possesses the necessary level of expertise to correctly architect, implement and configure Veeam Software Solutions. This Veeam’s certification (introduced with the v7 of its products) is a great investment for an IT professional looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, propel personal career advancement and achieve industry recognition.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Serveral months ago VMware has introduced a Recertification Policy on the VCP certifications (as already discussed in this post). There are different options to renew your certificate, but for most VCP5-DCVs will need to renew their VCP5-DCV credential prior to March 10, 2015 (be sure to check on your myLearn transcript your deadline, some weeks ago has been updated for all). Specifically if you were not looking to expand to other solution tracks or advance to the VCAP level there is a streamlined exam that offers a quicker route to recertification for current VCP5-DCV holders.

Reading Time: 4 minutes VMware’s technical certifications are almost simple and clear: actually there are four paths (Data Center Virtualization, Cloud, End User Computing, Network Virtualization) and for each four different levels (Associate, Professional, Advanced Professional or Implementation Expert, Design Expert) like in a piramid (with the first level optional, as discussed in a previous post). There is also a specific path for Cloud Application Platform (related to developer for the Spring framework), but actually could be considered as something apart and also is not included in the official VMware Certification Roadmap. On the partner side some of those […]

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