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I’ve already write about the Powering the cloud event, helded at Frankfurt Am Main on Oct, 30-31 2012.

The big news of this year is that I’m a speaker with a session.

As you can see in the event agenda, my session “2B5: How to increase the availability of business critical applications using virtualization” will be on Wednesday 31st October 2012 at 14:00!

Details: In this session we will discuss how is possible increase the availability of business critical applications running in a virtual environment. First we will introduce the different level of availability and different type of technical solutions. Then we will discuss the difference between VMware HA (with VM and application monitoring), VMware FT and guest clustering. We will give more technical detail on how build a guest cluster (for availability purpose), by analyzing different approaches and different implementations. Finally we will discuss about applications designed to be scalable and high availability (and cloud ready).

See you there!

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Some hours ago I have received an e-mail from VMware Technical Certification Team to my VCDX5-DV certification (DV is the datacenter virtualization path) in my official transcript::

Your online transcripts will reflect your VMware Certified Design Expert 5 – Datacenter Virtualization status as soon as you:
–  Confirm your shipping address
–  Consent to transcript release
–  Accept the VMware Certification Agreement

Note that finally the VCDX5-DV path has been published (and also the upgrade path has been confirmed). Seems that VMworld Barcelona will be the last opportunity to defend a VCDX version 4, from the next opportunity (PEX 2013) there is only VCDX version 5.

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Just two weeks until VMworld EU at Barcelona! Here some informations.


Note that it isn’t the (old) “Fira de Barcelona” (close to Montjuic and Plaza de España), but is the new Fira center, called “Fira Gran Via” and quite far from the “old” one (this is probably the right point on GoogleMaps). It is still called “Fira Barcelona” just because is another venue (see the official site). VMworld EU will be at North Entrance Hall 8!

Use GoogleMaps to find how to move from your hotel (both bus and train are available options). From the airport seems quite close and maybe (with a sharing across some people) also the taxi could be a good option; but note that there will be also a shuttle service (see later).

Where to stay?

The VMworld area sound quite close to El Prat airport… We have to expect a bus, like was at Copenhagen?Actually no info about it and neither about the daily pass for metro and bus (available in both Copenhagen editions).

How to move

The VMworld area sound quite close to El Prat airport… We have to expect a bus, like was at Copenhagen? Actually no info about it and neither about the daily pass for metro and bus (available in both Copenhagen editions). On this thread seems confirmed!

Shuttles will be offered between Barcelona Airport, Terminals 1 and 2 to CCGV North Entrance (Hall 8.0).

  • Sunday | 16.00 – 20.00
  • Monday | 10.00 – 20.00

Return service will be provided from CCGV North Entrance (Hall 8.0) to the airport.

  • Thursday | 12.00 – 18.00

Is not clear if there will be a free pass for metro and bus (as was in the two edition at Copenhagen).

Seems that metro pass is included (but not clear in which days and if it include also the train and the bus):

During the conference, you are encouraged to use the metro to get to and from Fira Barcelona Gran Via.
Visit the Info Counter in Hall 8, Lower Lobby or the Quantum booth in Solutions Exchange, Stand S402 to
pick one up.

Note that downton and the VMworld area is all in the zone 1. If no pass is provided the solution will be the use the TMB tickets or the Tourist Card (but seems much more expensive).

I think that could be better to wait an official news about the pass or wait first people that make the check-in!

For more information about the transport routes, see this post.

Social Media


  • VMworld Party is indicated at Grand Via Barcelona, so probably will be in the Fira area (but is not yet confirmed)
  • VMUG Party: will be on Monday evening, at Masia de Esplugues.
  • VCDX, vExpert and CTO party will be a single one (not 3 different like at San Francisco) on Thu 7:30-9:30 PM, but not yet defined where.
  • Community Moderator vBreakfast will probably be on Wed.

Visit the city

Do you have some spare time? You haven’t see the city? Could be a good idea… but first to all remember that there are several thieves… so be careful on metro, and places with lot of people (like La Rambla). Is not too much worst compared to other cities… just play attention.

And what you could visit? Here is an idea of 20 places.

I suggest to visit (also inside) the Sagrada Familia, and see (at least from the outside) Casa Miro and Casa Batllo (both are quite close each other). The Barri Gotic is another must and could be better in the late afternoon (also for a dinner), where you can spend some time also on La Rambla and Plaza Reial that define the west border of the area.

Museum and other places like Park Güell and Montjuïc area or also Tibidabo could be great, but they require more time and you have to make a good planning.

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During the last VMworld US, I’ve spend some to to visit several booths to know more about some vendor that are not present in my Country (or in the entire region).

One of them was Nimbus Data Systems, company founded on 2006 (at South San Francisco, and now with offices also in Netherlands and UK). It develops the award-winning Sustainable Storage® systems, an intelligent, efficient and fault-tolerant solid state storage platform engineered for server and desktop virtualization, databases, HPC, and next-generation cloud infrastructure.

Their points for storage systems are: performance, efficency and simplicity! If the last two aspects could be handles by the software layer, but in order to guarantee high performance a good design and SSD are not enough.

For this reason they develop and build its own systems not only on the software side (they have a specific OS, HALO operating System, designed for this kind of storage), but also on the entire hardware side!

continue reading…

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Founded in Atlanta in 2009, Liquidware Labs is one of leader in desktop transformation solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft Windows 7. Now it has offices also in Chicago, Vich (CH), Surrey (UK).

The Liquidware Labs executive team is comprised of veteran technologists and experts with hands-on knowledge of virtualized environments and solutions (most of them are from VizionCore, Quest, PHDVirtual, …). Because of their decades of combined software solutions experience and depth-of-expertise in virtualization and thin technologies, our management is constantly asked to provide their perspective on trends, and speak at virtualization events around the world.

Their solutions (Stratusphere™ and ProfileUnity™) have been described by analysts as the industry’s first ‘On-Ramp to VDI,’ providing a complete methodology and software that enables organizations to decouple users and applications from the operating system and to cost-effectively assess, design, migrate, and validate the user experience for next-generation desktop infrastructure.

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Backup Academy, the free educational community resource for VM backup professionals, has now one year of history. In this year has delivered several courses and whitepapers (one also from me). And several people (more than 700 professionist) have obtained a certification vendor independent on backup aspects. So what will be the future of this community? Seems that the anniversary will like a matter of refreshing news about Backup Academy!

Some interesting information about its possible future are on the celebration post:

Backup Academy is meant to give you the extra resources you need to get started in that virtualization and data protection journey. We’ve had the content live for just over one year, and we are now planning additional content as the technology landscape changes. The fact is, once you learn a virtualization technology; you’ve effectively committed to learning it again and again and again!

The extension to virtualization could be interesting, considering the backup require some knowledge on virtualization (and also guest OS, applications, storage, networking, …). Actually there are already some high level courses and certifications vendor oriented. One certification on virtualization that will be vendor independent, and maybe like an entry level (Associated level?) could be interesting. But maybe the Backup Academy name must be changed :) or added a new site (Virtualization Academy?).

And which other aspects could be considered? I think that some matches between backups, replications and business continuity plan could also be interesting. But other ideas are possible!

You can propose other suggestions interactively on Twitter @BckpAcademy as well the Backup Academy feedback page.

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DataCore SANsymphony-V is a storage virtualization solution (a good definition could be that it is a “storage hypervisor”) already introduced a previous  post.

Now has been released the new version 9 with several enhancements and features..

For more information see:

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In the previous posts I’ve described the different types of virtualization and the different types of cloud computing.

Due to the fact that usually IaaS provide VMs you can think that there is a direct correlation between virtualization (in this case system virtualization) and cloud. But this correlation could exists or also not!

Virtualization is stricly related to the technologies and the infrastructure aspect. Cloud more on high-level aspects, like type of services, services level, …

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Cloud computing is a way to use (and also deliver) computing resources (for a formal definition see The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing).

For this reason there are different types of cloud based on which type of “computing” resources are provided. Mainly there are three big silos:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): usually it provides VMs a virtual datacenters resources (like storage and networking), and also the infrastucture need to manage them. An example of this kind of cloud is Amazon EC2.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): in this case a developer platform is provided that usually include OS, libraries, programming language execution environment, and all that could be useful to provide multi-tiers application (included usually database, presentations servers, …). An example of this kind of cloud is Microsoft Azure.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): in the case a single application or service is provided (or a set of them). An example of this kind of cloud is Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps.

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With the term virtualization usually we are talking about System Virtualization, where a physical system is “partitioned” to permit multiple environments (using virtual machines).

But virtualization is more generic and include different types:

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As written some months ago, after the London edition, this year there will be another European Dell Storage Forum at Paris from 14 to 16 November.

Again there will be a partner only track, from 13 to 14, and other days will be for customers and partners. The entire agenda is now available, for both tracks.

With more than 60 sales and technical sessions, 5 product roadmaps, 3 plenary sessions, 16 hours of hands-on labs and three complimentary training courses, you’re sure to get insights for growing your storage profits with Dell. And it’s a great opportunity to know news products details before their goes to the market!

And, of course, a great opportunity to social networking! I will attend from 13 morning to 15 evening.

Registration page

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The US edition is already finished, and there is less than a month to the European edition of VMworld 2012, this year (for the first time) at Barcelona (October 9-11).

The reasons to attend at this event could be similar to the reasons to attend at the VMworld US, plus of course the opportunity to visit Barcelona that this an awesome city!

In the European edition that is shorted (three days instead of four), there is also an addition day (on Monday) dedicated only for the VMware Partner, and this could be another reason (if you are an European partner and you cannot attend at the official Partner Exchange).

If you already have attend the VMworld US maybe there aren’t too much reasons (IMHO the two events are too close), but seems that other announces will be made during the europen event, so why not (at least one time) try to compare the two different edition on the same year?

I also hope that will confirmed also the 50% discount on each VMware exam, but actually it’s not listed on the special program page, and previous link refer only to the VMworld US. Was a great opportunity and Certification lounge was really cool at San Francisco. Discount has been confirmed and promotional code are VMWBAR50 for VCP exans and ADVBAR50 for VCAP.

See also:

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