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Spectra Logic introduced a new product: StorCycle™ is a new storage management software solution designed for data-driven organisations that need a modern storage lifecycle management workflow.

StorCycle allows organisations to create a new Perpetual Tier of storage, reducing the overall cost of storing data by up to 70 percent, while giving users full access to their data.

Most organisations have large amounts of data that are growing exponentially and are critical to their businesses. Typically, most of this data is stored on an expensive Primary Tier of storage. However, up to 80 percent of this data is inactive, costing both space and money, and should be moved to more cost-effective storage. Spectra’s StorCycle software does just that.

It’s based on a storage model for managing and storing data that consists of two tiers – a Primary Tier and a Perpetual Tier.

Data migrated via StorCycle is moved from the Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier. The Primary Tier holds all active data and is most commonly comprised of flash, NVMe, other solid-state technologies and high-performance disk drives in order to achieve the performance required for workflows associated with highly active data. The Perpetual Tier is dedicated to inactive data and is designed to keep multiple copies of data on multiple storage mediums including cloudNASobject storage disk and tape.

The Perpetual Tier is used for secondary storage, distribution, backup, archive, and disaster recovery. Organizations can configure the more economical Perpetual Tier to be as responsive as their workflows demand – creating a responsive copy on NAS and a DR copy on cloud or tape.

Spectra’s StorCycle software is built on four tenets:

  • Identify inactive files on Primary Tier storage
  • Migrate and store inactive data to one or more Perpetual Tier storage targets (cloud, disk and/or tape)
  • Protect files so they remain safe on the Perpetual Tier for long-term storage
  • Access and Retrieve migrated files from the Perpetual Tier

StorCycle software was developed from the ground up to address the problem of managing and storing large data sets. StorCycle automatically scans primary storage data for inactive files and migrates them to a secure Perpetual Tier, which can include any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and tape, ensuring the data is protected, while making it easily available to end users. A smaller primary storage tier shrinks backup and recovery windows, reduces costs and increases overall performance.

StorCycle can be implemented as standalone software using public cloud storage or existing network-attached storage, or combined with Spectra storage hardware to create a complete storage solution.


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