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Reading Time: 2 minutes This year there will be the first Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Europe (Vienna, 8-10 November), after the US edition in Spring 2016 (that was the second .NEXT US Conference). I’m very excited to attend at this event and I have a lot of expectation from it (see how was the first .NEXT Conference). I’ve been invited (as a NTC) and I’m really curious to learn more about Nutanix products and technologies, their vision, their alliances, …. and of course to see a lot of friends. The agenda seems very interesting and I hope that the […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes So the rumor about the acquisition of PernixData by Nutanix is true and finally confirmed: Nutanix has executed a definitive agreement to acquire PernixData and the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. Nutanix and PernixData share an architectural design philosophy that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance and to deliver flexible, cost-effective infrastructure scaling. With this common vision, the two companies will develop an advanced data stack to replace traditional storage silos and high-latency networks with newer storage-class memory and advanced interconnects. These […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nutanix has announced Acropolis Version 4.7 GA on June 28th (announcement details can be found here), but if you plan to use it it’s highly recommend downloading the latest maintenance release of this version, Acropolis Version 4.7.1 and start from it. The new version of the NOS (previous name of the Nutanix Operating System) adds a lot of new and interesting features.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Past week, Nutanix has released the Acropolis File Services (AFS): a web-scale native file serving solution built using the same technology that powers Nutanix Enterprise Clouds. Announced at the last .NEXT Conference, this solution open also to non VM based services and make Nutanix a more complete storage vendor. AFS make possible manage storing and serving unstructured data, like home directories, user profiles, application logs and department shares, with the same Nutanix technologies and approach.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday Nutanix has announced the new list of Nutanix Tech Champions (NTC) 2016. NTC is a community awards similar to the VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP, Cisco Champions, EMC Elect, … rewarding members of the community on their efforts in sharing their knowledge and enabling fellow community members. The Nutanix Technology Champion program spans the globe and is comprised of IT professionals from every cloud, application group, and technology. They are committed to news ways of thinking that will power the next generation of enterprise computing.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutanix Community Edition is the free and lighter-weight version of the Nutanix Acropolis (previously know as Nutanix Operating System), which powers the Nutanix Virtual Platform. The Community Edition (CE) is designed for people interested in test driving its main features on their own hardware and infrastructure, but also learn more on Nutanix. Was possible deploy it on a single physical (or also virtual) server or a tree node cluster.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nutanix and Lenovo announced a strategic worldwide partnership and OEM agreement to deliver invisible infrastructure to datacenters around the world. This second OEM partnership with Lenovo (after the one with Dell), will add more customer choices for Nutanix-based hyperconverged solutions on their hardware platform of choice. Lenovo will be delivering Nutanix XCP on their world-class System x server platform.

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