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To close the series of post on the vSphere upgrade path to version 5 I will make a few final considerations:

  • As written several time, check the hardware and software HCL before start the migration. The HCL may change from the beta release (where, for example, there was’t any SQL Express 2005 support) but also from one week to another (for example, some weeks the Dell PoverVault MD3x00/MD3x00i were not yet included).
  • Actually most additional software are already compliant with vSphere, or with new version (like View 5) or with simple patch.
  • Remember that vSphere 5 brings new features, but also a new license model, that require a minimum of initial analysis. For more info see: vSphere 5 vRAM Entitlement.
  • The vCenter Server is also available in the Linux version (but only in the virtual appliance mode). And remember that it has some limits.
  • The new Web Client could be interesting, but is not complete. If you plan to install the server part on the same machine of vCenter Server remember to increase the RAM (or vRAM). Also notice that the license report require this component.
  • The new virtual hardware 8 has some interesting benefit, but also implies a less VM portability (for example with View and local mode). Consider if you need it before upgrade the VMs.
  • As written more times, vSphere 5 has several new features but also dropped features. See: News in vSphere 5 – Who is in? Who is out?

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