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Rubrik Rubrik Alta is the company’s ninth and most significant release to date of its Cloud Data Management platform, that supports for the key modern operating environments in the enterprise, including: VMware, Hyper-V, AHV; physical environments such as Linux and Windows; and AWS, Azure and private clouds.

Alta 4.0 was released on June 2017, and now, one year later, Rubrik announce Alta 4.2 with the newest additions simplify how organizations manage and protect data across  hybrid cloud deployments, whether they are building on AWS or Oracle Solaris.

Cloud-native data protection through a single control plane

As enterprises look to deploy more applications on AWS, many are burdened with complex and fragmented legacy solutions. Alta 4.2 makes it easier to protect workloads running on AWS EC2 through Rubrik’s cloud-native backup and lifecycle management capabilities. Native AWS APIs are used to take snapshots of the EBS volumes and add core Rubrik services, including Google-like search, policy-driven automation, and instant data access.

Edge support on AHV & Hyper-V

Rubrik has supported Nutanix AHV and Microsoft Hyper-V in the data center since the Alta 4.0 release, and now customers can run the Edge appliance on those hypervisors as well.

Capabilities of Edge on AHV and Hyper-V match those of Edge on vSphere; there are no feature differences, and it continues to be the same code base. Similarly, the hardware requirements are identical—2 vCPUs and 12 GB memory. Licensing and maximums continue to be the same as well.

Improved Manageability for MSPs & Enterprises via Private Cloud and Self-service 

Rubrik Alta 4.2 integrates with vCloud Director (vCD), a popular platform for large enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that want to create an elastic, enterprise-cloud environment. Tenants can now protect VCD vApps with the same simplicity and enterprise-grade capabilities we make possible for VMs today.

Also Rubrik Envoy delivers even greater simplicity for protecting workloads in multi-tenant environments with highly-segregated networks. Envoy acts as a trusted ambassador, connecting the MSP Rubrik cluster network to tenant networks. With Envoy, Service Providers can offer backup-as-a-service to co-hosted tenants and partner resellers, accelerating self-service with on-demand backup and recovery.

Simple Data Management for Data Center Workloads

Rubrik has always had a unprecedented simplicity and an intuitive UI.